Thursday, July 07, 2011

Media Bias Anyone? Foreign Policy Magazine Lists Israel As A Failed State!

Foreign Policy magazine has a nifty little feature out today called 'Postcards from Hell-Images from the world's most failed states.' In it, the author, former Foreign Policy managing editor Elizabeth Dickenson juxtaposes images from the failed states, based on something they call a 'failed state index' with photos designed to illustrate how awful they are.

Most of the prose follows the Leftist catechism with lots of mentions of Global Warming. Some of it is either ridiculously inaccurate or overblown. But the prize has to go to FP's listing of Israel as a failed state, number 54 out of a list of 60.

Yes, Israel, with a booming economy so far hardly affected by the global recession, almost total literacy, some of the best medical care in the world,total political liberty and an independent judiciary is a failed state - ranked below Papua New Guinea, Zambia, Comoros, Mozambique, Madagascar, Bolivia and Djibouti, and just above Angola. I kid you not.

So how did the brainiacs at Foreign Policy justify this? How did presumed foreign policy expert Elizabeth Dickenson square this circle?

Simple. They titled the entry 'Israel/West Bank' and cited some figures from a biased EU-funded British study about how 'tens of thousands of Palestinian families risk being forced to leave their homes as a result of Israeli policies' and that half the children 'suffered from water-borne diarrhea', linked to an article from that equally unbiased source, al-Jazeera!

Just one problem. Aside from the fact that the figures are obviously cooked, the study and the article both focus on a part of Judea and Samaria (AKA the West Bank) known as Area C. This is the part of Judea and Samaria where the major Jewish communities are, and is fully under Israeli administration. And guess what? Only an estimated 4% of the 'Palestinian' population of Judea and Samaria lives there...if that much. So there aren't 'ten of thousands of Palestinian families' facing eviction and the 'water-borne diarrhea' figures of children are so small as to be negligible...unless of course, you have an agenda.

Foreign Policy is a particularly fact challenged source, especially when it comes to the Middle East and it's home to Israel bashers like Stephen Walt, co-author of the scurrilous 'The Israel Lobby'. They have a perfect right to publish whatever horse manure they choose, but I have a problem with them issuing this kind of propaganda and calling it 'journalism'. At this point, the Israel Derangement Syndrome is so pronounced among 'journalists' like Dickenson that they can't even be bothered to make up lies that are remotely credible. And they ought to be ashamed of that.

As for Israel the failed state, a particularly comical aspect of this is the amount of Africans from some of the countries FP ranked above Israel who have attempted, often by walking amazing distances overland, to enter the country and start new lives. Not to mention the African countries who are the eager recipients of Israeli humanitarian and economic assistance.

Somehow, they didn't get the message it's a failed state.

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Anonymous said...

You really can't make this crap up, can you? Those on the left are beginning to loose it big time.Israel is many things, isolated is not one of them, as the recent events around the flotilla of fools proves.Failed is not one of them, as they are one fo the few countries with a double digit growth rate. I say give it another year. When Obama looses the lefties and Jew-haters are going to need to be institutionalized. Maybe they can look to Obamacare for their mental health support...NOT

Dick Stanley said...

"Foreign Policy" is a failed magazine.

Zachriel said...

Rob: linked to an article from that equally unbiased source, al-Jazeera

Ad hominem. The actual study is by Save the Children, a century-old, highly reputable organization with wide experience helping children around the globe.

Whether this qualifies Israel as a "failed state" is irrelevant to the plight of displaced children.

Rob said...

I take it from that that you consider al-Jazeera ( AKA JihadTV) an unbiased source Zachriel? If so, I think you need a serious reality check.

Among its other features, al-Jazeera features lectures by the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheik Qaradiwi, who broadcasts on the joys of wife beating, clitorectomy and genocide against Jews among his other beliefs.

BTW, no need to shill for Save The Children. Links to the biased study and the al Jazeera article about it can both be found in the link to the Foreign Policy piece, so I'm not stopping anyone from making up their own mind.

Your labeling these 'Palestinian' children as displaced is ludicrous. Unlike the Arabs in 1948, the Israelis did not engage in widespread ethnic cleansing in Judea and Samaria in 1967 although in my mind their ancestors, who were all Jordanian citizens should have been repatriated there. These children are living exactly where they were born and raised.

The study itself is ridiculous, to anyone who has any knowledge of statistics, and was plainly used to demonize Israel.There are a lot of organizations with previously honorable histories in the UK that are besmirching themselves in a similar may very well be that you're ok with that, which you certainly have a right to be.

Just own it and drop the pose.


Just a Thought said...

When the Obama admin dropped tainted Freeman as a nominee, FP published a Protocols-like article blaming ... the Jews. It was then I stopped reading FP.

Why, then, did the NYT reproduce FP's argument on the NYT front page a few days later? (The NYT article had not even the decency to mention the letter to Obama by 88 prominent Chinese dissidents, opposing Freeman's nomination.)

Unknown said...

Down with the Zionist regime!
Down with Leo Strauss!
Down with the Neo-Cons!

Paul said...

Just received a FP magazine today. The actual magazine does not list Israel at all in the failed states article, though they do have Israel, as you note, in the online version. As a new reader of the mag, I was wondering if they had a political slant.

Anonymous said...

Honest to God, you actually invoke the names Judea and Samaria and rationalize land theft through a concept Bibi sold as "Area C" that Clinton was too obtuse to see as a shameless dispossession of land from thousands of Palestinians in the name of "security." Bibi was caught on tape sometime later laughing at the US president for his stupidity and gullibility in accepting the concept of Area C. Yet here you are, a jack-booted Zionist, cackling about FP possessing a political agenda. You and your troll army posting here live under a heavy self delusion.

Rob said...

(chuckle)I love the smell of ignorant, gutless anonymous Jew haters in the morning!

First of all, Clinton and Yitzhak Rabin (not Netanyahu)and even Yasser Arafat agreed on the division of Judea and Samaria into three zones based on the population, quiz kid! Area A was where the vast majority of the Jordanian citizens whom call themselves Palestinians lived,so Arafat got control.Area C was predominantly Jewish in population, something like 95% plus.So it was placed under Israeli sovereignty. Area B was mostly vacant and designed as a buffer zone for joint security patrols.

As for land theft..the Arabs you speak of were all Jordanian citizens per a law passed by the Jordanian parliament in 1950 after Jordan's illegal occupation in 1948. These Arabs all accepted that citizenship and none of them squawked about 'independence' until the midget king swallowed Nasser's horse sh*t, attacked Israel in 1967,lost the entire area west of the Jordan and the Jews were involved.

The Israelis would have been smart to annex the entire area and repatriate most of those Jordanian citizens across the river to their own country (yes, they weren't 'refugees, they had a country and a nationality, Jordanian). International law allows that. But they were, you know, humanitarian. Which of course ultimately backfired on Israel.I agree, that was silly of them.

The only claim these Jordanian Arabs have to Judea and Samaria is Oslo, which per Abbas, they no longer recognize as applying to them anymore.

The recent terrorist attacks have only made the vast majority of Israelis move to the right and say goodbye to the Oslo era, which is a good thing.The Pals may eventually take over Jordan, Hamas and the Brotherhood being particularly strong there. It will be the Arab part of Palestine, as it was always intended to be since the original partition in 1923.

Here are two more hilarious facts I know you'll appreciate.

The only chance for a viable 2nd Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria would be for the Arabs who refer to themselves as Palestinians to rid themselves of the maniacs in Hamas and the kleptocrats and criminals in Fatah and to have much closer relations with Israel,something Irate the chances of as slim and none.

And second? Israel stays. deal with it. And try to have a nice day..facts really suck, don't they?

Anonymous said...

As Israel and the Jewish people confront unearned hatred posed against them, I suggest that the haters see a little known message to all Nations straight from the Old Testament:
G-D knew that the Torah would be carried by the Jewish People who would be dispersed throughout the world. The last chapter of the Torah bears a warning to the Nations who it was predicted would cause harm to the Jewish People:
“Therefore O ye nations, make the lot of His People a happy one. For He will avenge the blood of His servitors. And vengeance will fall back on His enemies. And His people are to bring atonement to His world of men.”
Deuteronomy 34:43

corrector said...

Nowadays, everybody who is not "progressive" enough is a racist, and sexist, a xenophobe, and usually also a "nazi".

Apparently, everybody is also a "failed state":