Thursday, July 07, 2011

US Judge Vacates Judgment After The Fact, Hearts PLO Terrorists

If you go to court and lose, get a huge judgment against you and ignore it and refuse to pay a penny for three years, what do you think the odds are that the court would simply set it aside and allow you contest the whole thing from scratch again,just because?

Pretty good, if you're the 'Palestinian Authority' and you murder Jews.

Back in February of 2002, there was a horrendous suicide bombing of a crowded pizza parlor in the Jewish village of Karnei Shomron by the PLO.

Three teenagers died in that attack, and two of them were American citizens. Others were injured, some for life. The surviving victims and family members sued Syria as well as the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the 'Palestinian Authority'. The victims of the Karnei Shomron attack won a financial judgment in court back in April 2005.

The 'Palestinians' subsequently ignored that judgment which brought the default judgment and penalties up to $300 million.

In a decision made public today
, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon decided to wipe the slate clean, vacate the judgment and all penalties and allow the 'Palestinian Authority' to recontest the lawsuit.

Judge Leon said that though "the default was willful at the time, (the Palestinian organizations) clearly demonstrated their commitment to engaging in this litigation." Moreover, Leon noted, imposing a massive liability "on a struggling government, even if that government is not a recognized state, is not something this court takes lightly."

My, my. So, according to this judge, if you willfully murder or injure innocent people, get sued and then refuse to pay compensation out of sheer animosity, you shouldn't have to because he feels like you can't afford it.So you get to go to court all over again, six years after the initial judgement!

Aside from the fact that Judge Leon is sadly misinformed about the 'Palestinians'and the PLO struggling financially and being unable to pay, this is an outrageous miscarriage of justice. Judge Leon apparently decided to allow the PLO to reopen the case because, well, they're such nice guys and enforcing the previous decision for them to pay up would just be too painful.

The pain and suffering the victims and their families have endured and the pain of justice denied for almost a decade means nothing to him.

Per th einterim agreements, the Israeli govenrment turns over an estimated $1 to $1.4 billion per year to Abbas and the 'Palestinians' in tax revenues collected for customs and other tax levies. I've long recommended that they put these funds in escrow instead, to allow victims of 'Palestinian' terrorism to sue and collect judgments so that moral delinquents like Judge Leon wouldn't be troubled with making decisions they're obviously not equipped for.

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amerisrael said...

Absolutely clueless!

Will have to google this judge and see who appointed him.

The judge Vicki Miles Lagrange,who struck down Oklahoma's anti-sharia law, after it was approved by overwhelming majority in statewide referendom, was apponted by Clinton.

B.Poster said...

If the US Government were sued and lost, this judge and other judges would do every thing possible to rule against the American government and they would do every thing possible to make the American government "pay up." Also, the media would be front and center daily putting pressure on the American government to "pay up." Yet when the Palestinian government loses a court case there is no such pressure placed on them. Why the double standard? I think it is because in the eyes of the justice system, the news media, and the international community American and Jewish lives are somehow worth less than all other lives.

Rob said...

Leon is a GW Bush appointee.Sorry to hear that Oklahoma's law was struck down..hopefully they're appealing.


Mo said...

It doesn't matter who appointed him. The judge is an immoral p.o.s. and a disgusting human being for letting this happen.