Monday, July 11, 2011

Pro-Assad Demonstrators Attack US Embassy In Damascus

Syrian protesters attacked the US embassy, smashed windows, raised a Syrian flag and scrawled graffiti calling the American ambassador a "dog".

The US accused Basher Assad's government of having organized the protests in anger over US Ambassador Robert Ford's visit with anti-Assad protesters in Hama, the site of some of the biggest anti-Assad demonstrations.France's ambassador also visited protesters in Hama and the French embassy was likewise attacked by pro-Assad protesters.

The Assad regime had criticized the visits to Hama as interference in the country's internal affairs and accused the US and French ambassadors of undermining Syria's stability.

With an estimated 1600 plus protesters who have been killed thus far by Assad's security forces and thousands jailed, perhaps the Obama Administration is belatedly realizing that Basher Assad is not quite the 'reformer' the Obama Administration labeled him as.

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