Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trolls Are So Stupid

Especially when they don't realize their URL Is automatically directed into the comments spam filter and flagged, so I don't even have to read it.

Poor thing, posting viciously racist, sexist. inflammatory and insulting garbage in a desperate attempt to get a lil' attention...and not even getting that.

You see, everyone has the right of freedom of speech. Just not the right to be heard.

I'm posting this out of pity, but even this much attention will probably have the troll jimmy launching all over his keyboard.

Ah well.

Eventually they get a clue.

please helps me write more gooder!


louielouie said...

Eventually they get a clue.

i can't agree.

Rob said...

Well Louie, It's all about the attention. Remove the attention, you starve the troll.

After this, I figure we'll get a few more before he gets it, finally, that his comments aren't even being read and moves on.

And if not, that's fine by me. Every so often, I clean out the spam filter and it all goes into the ozone.