Friday, July 22, 2011

Russian Intelligence Agent Linked To US Embassy Bombing

A bomb blast near the U.S. Embassy in Tblisi, Georgia back on September 22, 2010 has been traced to a plot run by a Russian military intelligence officer, according to an investigation run by the Georgian Interior Ministry.

A Georgian court named Russian GRU officer Maj. Yevgeny Borisov as the mastermind behind a whole series of bombings in Georgia, including the one using military grade explosives that took place less than 100 yards from the embassy building.

If the Georgian charges are correct, it means a branch of the Russian military essentially carried out an attack on US territory three months before the Senate voted to ratify President Obama’s START strategic arms control treaty with Russia.

"These are extraordinarily specific and detailed allegations delivered by the government of Georgia,” said Sen. Mark Kirk, Illinois Republican. “On the basis of this report, the Congress should examine these allegations of a Russian-sponsored attack on a U.S. Embassy and its personnel.

“If true, a Russian-sponsored attack on a U.S. Embassy would constitute the most serious crisis in U.S.-Russian relations since the Cold War and put to lie any ‘reset’ in bilateral relations.”

Russia has formally denied the charges. The Senate will probably review the forensic evidence Georgia has supplied, which is fairly extensive.

We'll see what develops.

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Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

I'll have this linked by tomorrow morning.

B.Poster said...

Might this be sufficient grounds for the US to withdraw from the new Start treaty? I would think so.

What is clear is now as during the Cold War is the US needed/needs a robust nuclear deterrent to provide a force multiplier against Soviet and now Russian lopsided conventional military edges in vitually all areas of significance.

The US is percieved as an ally of Georgia. Russia views Georgia as a breakaway repulbic. Russia wishes to reestablish the Soviet Union. Russia is on the cusp of de facto reestablishing the Soviet Union although it is unlikely to have the same name but in substance it will be the same thing.

The US does not have sufficient military power, economic power, or diplomatic power to thwart Russia. Given this situation some type of attack on American interests would be virtually inevitable.

While this is not the optimal solution, I'd suggest the following. Reach an agreement with Russia whereby the US withdraws all personnel and other support from former Soviet and Eastern Bloc countries. In exchange for this, Russia agrees to rework the Start treaty perhaps even allowing us to cancel it all together. Given lopsided Russian edges in almost all conventional areas over America, its reasonable that America would desire a robust nuclear deterrent. Since Russia possesses these lopsided advantages over America in virtually every conceivable area in conventional military forces, such a large nuclear arsenal is not mission critical for Russia. Furthermore, given America's lack of finanical ability and lack of techincal know how, Russia's militaary advantage over America will likely expand for the forseeable future. Especially as Aemrican forces and equipment age and there is a lack of sufficient funding abiltiy or technical know how to replace them.

In fact, I'd suggest even in the abscence of a formal agreement with Russia that we proceed forthwith with the withdrawl of all forces from and support for fomer Soviet Republics and Eastern Bloc countries. and abandon the Start treaty. Without us interfering in what Russia percieves as its internal affairs this would do more to "reset" relations than any thing we are currently doing.

While every American should and likely does wish countries like Georgia, former Soviet Repulics, and former Eastern Bloc countries the best should they persue liberty, ultimately I'm reminded of what one of America's founding fathers, John Adams I think, said to paraphrase ultimately while America supports liberty every where we can ultimately only guarantee our own. To be active in this area is a very dangerous situation and ultimately places our own liberty and even the survival of our country in grave danger.

If America is to survive let alone thrive in the 21st century, it is going to need at least cordial relations with with the most powrful nations on earth. Right now these are Russia and China in that order and this is unlikely to change for the forseeable future.

Admittedly ensuring Russian compliance with any agreement is going to be problematic. At least by withdrawing support from countries like Georgia, this should serve to lessent the tension between us and Russia and by abandoning the Start treaty and expanding and upgrading the nuclear arsenal we will at least have a fighting chance should Russia threaten us.

B.Poster said...

I'm aware that Georgia assisted the US in Afghanistan. Unfortunately the US policy in Afghanistan was wrong headed. This should have become apparent by mid 2002 and it should have been completely clear by late
2003. Georgian leaders should have recongized this by then and should have acted to put as much distance between them and America as they possibly could. Most Americans now recognize how flawed our policies were. Now we along with those who supported this are paying the price for this.