Wednesday, July 13, 2011

CA- 36 Special Election Bad News For Obama

Jane Harman, one of the few sane Democrats in Congress retired back in February and the special election to replace her was just held in California's 36th District.

CA-36 is a predominantly Democrat district that President Obama carried by 30% in 2008, and retaining the seat was not supposed to be a problem.

Due to California's peculiar primary laws, the two top vote getters face off in the general regardless of party, and every one expected it to be a competition between two Democrats for the seat. Instead, the primary pitted Democrat Janice Hahn the favorite and member of a well known SoCal political dynasty against Republican businessman Craig Huey, and it was actually a horse race.

The results are in, and Hahn won, which was to be expected. But by a margin of less than 10%. Hahn ended up with 41,585 votes (54.6%) to Huey’s 34,636 (45.4%).

Less than 10%. In a solidly Blue district in California that Obama captured by 30% 2 1/2 years ago. In a district Harmon won by 59%.

Even more interesting is that this Hahn faces re-election in 2012, and CA-36 is scheduled to be redistricted and become, in the words of the L.A. Times 'somewhat less Democratic.'

I doubt President Obama is paying attention, but I certainly would if I were an incumbent with an election coming up and my approval rating in the low to mid forties.

In concluding, I have to repeat this comment from one of the readers of Ace's story on the matter. My apologies for the occasional inelegant turn of phrase. Here's "Phil" posting comment #368:

Ok, I know it’s customary to downplay results from “our side”, but I can honestly say I knew this was going to happen. I would have been absolutely shocked if we won here. Seriously folks, this is f–ing California. And with all apologies due to our native California morons, f– California. Seriously, pardon my french, but f– California. We don’t need that POS state. As the country went crimson red in 2010, California kept going further and further left, the only state to do so. Let the lib-f–s who live there enjoy thinking they are our betters, as jobs continue to leave the state in droves and it continues going down the tubes.

If you’re a moron who happens to live in California, LEAVE THE STATE ALREADY. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Your vote is just being wasted. And if you happen to own a business, make the move even sooner. Your profits will be up overnight and you’ll be providing less and less welfare to feed the liberal sh–hole that California has become.

Look, I get it — you love California. You’ve probably got some fond memories even. But be honest with yourself — you love what California USED to be, and hate what it’s become. And it’s only going to become more of what you hate going forward. It’s way too late to save it. Stop trying. Stop being in denial.

Tell your once great (and now sh–y state) to go pound sand and move out. Take my advice and thank me later.

Oh, by the way..Phil lives in the solid Red State known as Illinois.

Depending on where he is, temperatures are muggy and in the high eighties to mid nineties, with a thunderstorm scheduled to hit Chicago and environs.

Here in this part of California,up near the mountains, it's sunny, oh, about 72 to 75 degrees with a nice breeze of about 5mph blowing. Decent pool and bar-be-cue weather, or a nice day for a bike ride or a stroll.

Living in the Moonbat City has its compensations, and the weather is one of the few that's left.

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louielouie said...

thanks for the epilogue.
i was going to ask in what town in oklahoma phil lived.
i still/also disagree with him regarding his leaving the state remark.
and as for ff remark, his use of the word "compensations" will soon be singular.
who knows, as of this writing it may already be.