Friday, May 03, 2013

China's People's Daily Mocked Over It's New, Phallic Headquarters...

The People's Daily office building: China's People's Daily newspaper mocked over its new, phallic headquarters

The new Beijing headquarters of China's People's Daily newspaper has come in for a great deal of mockery and government censors are apparently fairly stiff and sore about it.

The People's Daily is the official government mouthpiece..or should I say, tool?

Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter has reportedly been censored heavily after a range of salty tweets.

I personally don't think it's that bad.A fountain at the top would be a nice touch, perhaps. Maybe some nice trees, bushes and shrubs at the bottom?

(H/t, Long time Joshua's Army member Louie Louie)

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nazar said...

I think they forgot to add the..shall we say accessories? hehe

I wonder if they erected two round security buildings next to this esteemed headquarters, would they be "strong-armed" into...flattening the whole thing?