Sunday, May 05, 2013

Rear Admiral Vows To Continue Sharing Christian Faith In Spite Of New Obama Admin Orders

Faith in the military is under deliberate assault by the Obama Administration. It's even gotten to the point where the military has brought in Michael Weinstein, Esq., a “religious tolerance” specialist (and hard line atheist) who calls Christians to 'well funded monsters and told FOX news that U.S. troops who proselytize are guilty of sedition and treason and should be punished to stave off a “tidal wave of fundamentalists.”

This is th esame Administration who said that Major Hassan shooting down his fellow soldiers at Ft. Hood while scremaing 'Allahu Akbar!' had nothing to do with Islam and was just a workplace accident.

But some of our brave warriors are apparently not backing down.

One of them is U.S. Coast Guard Rear Adm. William D. Lee, who was present at the 62nd observance of the National Day of Prayer in Washington, D.C, as lawmakers and faith leaders gathered on Capitol Hill. Adm. Lee was there to represent Americans serving in the military.

When he ascended to the microphone, Adm. Lee told the crowd he had 10 minutes of carefully prepared remarks, but he decided to leave them in his chair and “speak from the heart” instead.

Describing himself as “a man of deep abiding faith who happens to wear a uniform,” the admiral then went on to announce his intention to defy any efforts to stop military personnel from openly sharing their Christian faith.]

Lee went on to cite last year’s record high number of military suicides, 349—roughly one per day—and said every 65 minutes a military veteran will take his or her own life. “I want you to remember that number,” he said.

He told the story of a recent meeting with a 24-year-old soldier who had attempted suicide but survived his self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. When he heard the man’s story, Admiral Lee told his audience that he knew the rules said he should send the man to a chaplain, but his heart said to give him a Bible.

“The lawyers tell me that if I do that, I’m crossing the line,” Lee said. “I’m so glad I’ve crossed that line so many times.”

Lee pledged not to back down from “my right under the Constitution to tell a young man that there is hope.”

The Obama Administration's assault on Christianity in the military has taken insidious forms, including threats by the Pentagon that they may court martial Christian soldiers who share their faith and actual Army reserve training materials listing believing Christians as 'extremists':

Part of the agenda of President Obama and the Left appears to be attempting to corrupt the one institution so far that resisted their attempts to do so. The repeal of 'Don't ask, don't tell' and the hollowing out of our military through forced early retirement and sequestration cuts was just the beginning.For an active duty admiral to profess his faith publicly like this was an act of uncommon courage.

There comes a time to stand, and warriors like Adm. Lee are showing the way to thousands of others. With their courage and G-d's grace, they will succeed.


independent patriot said...

Sorry Rob, but here I disagree with you.

Isn't this Michael Weinstein the same Weistein who is a retired naval officer whose son went to the US Airforce Academy and was harassed by the commandant because he was Jewish? This commandant was subsequently removed because he aggressively proselytized, allowed harassment of non-Christian cadets and Weinstein's son could prove that a hostile atmosphere existed for Jews at USAFC.

Weinstein may be an atheist extremist but at the same time having been harassed and attacked growing up because I was Jewish I expect my military to not give into bigotry. And yes if it means that Evangelical Christians can't harass me because I don't want to be Christian that is too bad for them.

Rob said...

Actually, Weinstein was in the air force.

His suit, which involved 'discrimination' one of his sons, Curtis was supposedly subjected to at the Air Force academy was dismissed because he had absolutely no evidence.

As U.S. District Judge James A. Parker wrote when he dismissed the case, No Plaintiff claims to have personally experienced any of the things described under 'Factual Allegations'... while at the Academy or after leaving the Academy...Not a single Plaintiff has alleged any personal factual situation that has allegedly impinged on that Plaintiff’s constitutional rights since the Plaintiff left the Academy.

This creep blamed the Ft. Hood murders on proselytizing by "fundamentalist Christians" creating a hostile environment that caused Major Hasan to snap,not jihad.

His big victory came when the notoriously bigote4d Southern Poverty Law Center cited him when they issued a report denouncing the AFA for an op -ed suggesting greater screening of Muslim soldiers (Hassan ain;t th eonly jihadi in uniform that's killed Americans)

He also scored points with Obama when he outed a a training course taught to nuclear missile launch officers which included quotations from Christian Just War theory, among other sources.

That, and being a big Dem donor.

He's a hateful bigot. You can have him.

I think we'll agree to disagree in this case.


Laura Rambeau Lee said...

How long will we permit this intolerance of those who express their faith? Remember when Lenin, Stalin and Hitler outlawed the practice of religion? When are people going to realize this is history repeating itself? When will putting the faith of our military personnel on their dog tags become banned? When we will stand up and assert our first amendment rights?

Rob said...

I always find it fascinating and disturbing that many rabidly secular Left wing Jews (and no, I don't mean you IP) are so violently opposed to Evangelicals (who are mostly philosemitic and outspokenly pro-Israel, like Pastor John Hagee), while giving Muslim Jew hatred a total pass.

It's like a sickness of the soul.


independent patriot said...

Thanks Rob. I know you didn't mean me :)

Actually there was a huge scandal years ago where the commandant of the USAFA was dismissed because of harassment of non-Christian students. There was an investigation about evangelical harassment of Jewish students which also had nothing to do with Weinstein.The entire code of conduct having to do with religious expression at the Academy was rewritten because of the investigation. (check on that because I distinctly remember it)

Truth is that while the majority of evangelicals are philo-semites and friends of Israel, there still exist those that see us as conversion material. Having been the subject of such harassment growing up in the south, I do not care if someone wants to express their faith but that expressions stops when it impinges on my ability to practice my faith without denigration.