Sunday, May 12, 2013

Would This Hamburger Be Worth $100 To You?

Bally's Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey has a new item on its menu, their 'Carving Board Burger' that will set you back a cool C note.

What's in it? It starts with 40 ounces (2 1/2 lbs!) of kobe beef, topped with a hefty slab of prime rib, topped with braised short ribs, topped with pickled tomatoes, and finally with a "fonduta" of melted Gorgonzola cheese and balsamic syrup. The whole monstrosity is served on something called an "herbed lardo toasted Italian focaccia."

Lardo is sure the word for it.

The thing could probably feed at least three adult humans, or New Jersey's governor Chris Christie prior to his recent bariatric weight loss surgery.

Would you shell out $100 for this?


Anonymous said...

I'll pay $100 NOT to eat it & save a fortune in medical bills.
This is for real khazers.
Hag Shavuot Sameah.

Anonymous said...

I'll pay $100 NOT to eat it & save a fortune in medical bills.
This is for real khazers.
Hag Shavuot Sameah.

independent patriot said...

Honestly this is what is wrong here in the USA. Why is this even necessary? We talk about how overweight this nation is and then we have gross food items like this and even shows glorifying those that pig out (what travel network).

This is also no different than "bread and circuses" whereby the ruling political elite used entertainment and food to control the population, keeping them from realizing how crappy things truly were.

Bourbon said...

What's your point? That Bloomberg should ban it?

louielouie said...

for chris christie i would recommend a steady consumption of moviprep.
as for the surgical procedure, i would recommend it for the spending practice of the US congress.

B.Poster said...

By "you" I think you mean the people most likely to read this blog. Since most of the regular readers of this blog are likely mostly middle class to upper middle class folks combined with a few lower middle class and working stiff folks who would likely be considered politically "conservative" the answer to the question of would "you" shell out $100 for this is very likely "no" for most readers. Most of us do not have time for such foolishness as this even if we had the money to do so. At least this is the case for me, even if I have the money for something as sill as this I'm not going to waste it on such foolishness.

Now is this a good business decision? While you did not address that aspect, I think it is a good question? I think it likely is but it remains to be seen. The primary target for such a product is the wealthy and upper middle class types who are taking that once in a lifetime vacation, mostly the wealthy.

The wealthy and those upper middle class folks who would likely take this type of vacation are unlikely to be regular readers of this blog. As these folks tend to be left leaning liberals, the types of truths contained in this blog do not appeal to them. They would much rather live in there own fantasies and, since they can afford to do so, this poses no challenge to them.

While I think this will likely be a huge money maker for the casino, this is far from certain. Given the current trend toward healthy eating and healthy living among all American classes it seems like questinable timing to roll this product out right now.

Would I shell out $100 for this? No. I'm not going to allocate the tiem for such foolishness as this. I'm not the intended market. The folks who are the intended market are foolish, have the time, and have the money to insulate themselves from the consequences of foolish decisions, at least for a time.