Friday, May 24, 2013

Interview With Tommy Robinson Of The English Defense League On The Woolwich Murders

An eye opening interview with the English Defense League's Tommy Robinson on Islamist terrorism in the UK and the Woolwich murders.

(h/t Vlad tepes)


Tom said...

Maybe you're unaware, but Stephen Lennon (Robinson's real name) is pretty much a terrorist himself. He's famously bigoted and has advocated and participated in riotous acts that have left policemen injured. The situation in Britain is depressing, for sure, but you are wrong to admire him. He's not the problem, but he's not the solution either.

Rob said...

(a) I don't consider him a terrorist, although I'm aware of his jail sentence, which was for a visa violation - something silly on his part, but not exactly equivalent to the sort of Islamist terrorism taking place every day,

(b) I don't consider him 'famously bigoted', and I think his perspective is valuable,although I certainly don't agree with him on everything.

(c) We constantly hear ad nausuem from Islamist Muslims about 'Islamophobia'(which is largely a myth) and their various and sundry grievances, all of which, of course, call for a violent response against the people whom allowed them to migrate and now pay for their welfare benefits.

We hardly ever hear from the people who bear the brunt of the fallout from enforced multiculturalism by the ruling elites.

I think it's refreshing to hear the other Robinson said to the interviewer,if there is a violent push back from these people, it will be because their concerns, their safety and their their concerns about what's happening at street level are being totally ignored by the elites.

I agree with him there, and I don't want to be the one having to hide innocent Muslims in my basement and shield them from misdirected violence because a bunch of jihadis and Islamists get a pass from the Ruling Class here in America.


B.Poster said...

The situation in Britian is depressing, for sure. Its not nearly as depressing as the situation in America. British leaders must wake up daily feeling extremly grateful that the problems that their country faces are not evne close to as dire as those faced by America.

Even before Mr. Onama came along, Britian was largely an enemy of America. Of course Mr. Obama with his wrong headed policies has exacerbated the situation. Personally I think good leadership in America should work to bridge the gap between our great nations. If America is to survive, we are going to need British assistance.

As an American, I'm truly embarrased, humiliated, and ashambed by our current leadership in the Wbite Hosue, the Senate, the House, and at all levels. I pray and hope the British will be willing and able to assist us in our time of need that is almost certain to come in the near futre. We will be almost entirely dependent upon others to help us. Gog help us all.