Sunday, May 05, 2013

Israel Hits Iranian Missiles Being Transferred To Hezbollah - And Syria's Chemical Weapons Center

Well, President Obama has his red lines and Israel has it's own it appears.

In two separate strikes, an area containing a number of Syrian military facilities including Syria's main chemical weapons facilty and a convoy of Iranian missiles en route from Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon stored at the Damascus Airport were destroyed by...well someone, since the Israelis as usual aren't acknowledging anything.

The missiles were being stored in a warehouse at Damascus International Airport when they were hit. They were Iranian-made Fateh-110s — a mobile, accurate, solid-fueled missile made from Russian design and an improvement over the liquid-fueled Scuds. But there were also some late model Scud Ds, with an enhanced range. Both types have the range to strike most of Israel from southern Lebanon, except apparently they're not going to strike anywhere now.The warehouse itself was guarded by Hezbollah fighters and Iran’s Quds Force, most of whom went the same way as the missiles.

The Israelis - or whomever it was - apparently used well targeted air-to-ground missiles from Lebanese air space, and never overflew Syria at all.Apparently they had pretty good intel too.

All a spokesman for the Israeli Embassy in Washington would say in a statement was, “Israel is determined to prevent the transfer of chemical weapons or other game-changing weaponry by the Syrian regime to terrorists, especially to Hezbollah in Lebanon.”

The second attack apparently had something to do with those chemical weapons. The Syrian government announced today that the Israelis had launched a missile attack against the large Syrian military complex at Jamraya just outside Damascus.

Now, Jamraya is the home of a lot of Syrian military facilities, including the headquarters of Syria's Fourth Army Division, commanded by the president’s brother Maher, as well as al-Hamah, where the command of the Republican Guard, one of the government’s elite forces, is located. But it's also the location of Syria’s main research center for work on biological and chemical weapons. This same facility was targeted and damaged by the Israelis back in January.

As an added touch, the explosions this weekend were clearly visible from Damascus...I think something maybe went 'boom'.

The Israelis, like the U.S. have no particular dog in this fight.Assad's Syria is an ally of Hezbollah and Iran and a co0nduit for Iranian weaponry, while the al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood dominated rebels are certainly no friend s of Israel's either.

So Israel's main objective here is to prevent Assad's arsenal from falling into Hezbollah's hands,particularly his chemical weaponry. And to prevent the violence of the Syrian civil war from spilling over Israel's northern borders.

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