Friday, May 24, 2013

The Jihad Comes To Sweden

Stockholm riots Sweden

For the past five days and nights, the city of Stockholm's Muslim neighborhoods have been the site of wide spread arson and violence reminiscent of Le Petit Jihad in France that first took place in 2005. Since then, it's essentially become an annual event.

The parallels are quite interesting. The excuse for Le Petit Jihad in France was two Muslim teenage criminals fleeing police who managed to get themselves electrocuted. Stockholm's jihad started in the almost entirely Muslim suburb of Husby, where a Muslim man attacked police brandishing a machete and was shot dead by police.

The riots have spread to at least nine other predominantly Muslim neighborhoods like Rinkeby, Jakobsberg, Norsborg and Tensta. Several schools have been set on fire along with numerous cars, as well as a police station in Aelvsjoe. Fire bombs and Molotov cocktails are the weapons of choice, just as they were in Paris.

And just as in France, the media, the police(at least on the record) and officialdom avoid the terms 'Islam' or 'Muslims' as though they were swear words, using the euphemism 'immigrants' and 'youths'. Personally, if I were a law abiding immigrant to Sweden from European countries like Poland or Russia or even from the Middle East, I'd be absolutely outraged at being lumped in with the sort of people who are rioting, looting and burning parts of Stockholm today, but it is what it is.

So far, Swedish police and firefighting units appear to have been caught unprepared by the Muslim 'youths' and as in France and Britain, have even been forced to retreat on a number of occasions to the delight of many local Muslims:

Their tactics now appear to be to simply let things burn if no lives are in danger. There have been too many firemen and police injured trying to respond to arson and then ambushed.

Sweden has, for some time, been importing large numbers of Muslim immigrants from places like Afghanistan,Iraq,North Africa and Somalia and it's an attractive destination because of its liberal asylum policies and welfare benefits. The result has been that rather than integrating into Swedish society, the Muslims have imported their own culture to Sweden along with a corresponding rise in crime (particularly rapes of native Swedes) and the expenditure for social welfare benefits. In Husby, for instance, the percentage of the population receiving social welfare benefits is over four times as large as the average in Sweden as a whole.

And true to form, the Socialist Swedish government is the first to blame the rioting on yes, Sweden and Swedes.

For instance, Swedish Integration Minister Erik Ullenhag went public early on attributing the rioting to high unemployment and social exclusion in Sweden's immigrant-dominated areas.

"We know that there is discrimination in these areas, and these events don't improve the image of these areas, where there is a lot of positive stuff going on but which is totally eclipsed right now," he announced in an interview with TT, the Swedish News Bureau.

And of course, Muslim 'activists' on the scene were quick to attribute the violence to racism on the part of Sweden's notoriously politically correct police..

Rami al-Khamisi, a law student and founder of the youth organisation Megafonen, told the Swedish edition of online newspaper The Local that he had been insulted racially by police. Teenagers, he said, had been called "monkeys".

To listen to Khamisi and his friends, the riots are all about racism and segregation in Sweden "over the past 10, 20 years" from both a class and a race perspective. What's more some Swedes, especially in the current government appear to be eager to buy it.

As in France, what's going on in Sweden and a number of other European countries isn't about jobs, or racial slurs, or equality.

It's about flag planting and intimidation. They want to essentially establish a state within a state where sharia and Muslims rule.

As a look at the Qu'ran will tell you, this is standard operating procedure for Muslims in infidel countries once there are enough of them so that the tipping point is reached - "Kuffars, pay us the jizya (tribute) or face our violent jihad."

The Swedes have a small but efficient military and dispatching them to the riot areas, shooting a number of the rioters and deporting many of the others back to their countries of origin would end this quickly, but since it would be an admission thatthe entire multicultural experiment foisted on Swedes by their government has been an abject failure, that's unlikely to happen.

Instead, they'll allow the Muslims to take over the turf, riot periodically as reminder to keep the jizya flowing and knuckle under.

If you think this is something overseas and unrelated to the United States, just give it a few years. Boston and Ft. Hood are signposts along the road.

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B.Poster said...

I recall in the aftermath of 9/11 and in the run up to and during the midst of the Iraq war many prominent media pundits and government officials sought to point out to the American people that the primary driver of Islamic terrorism was and is American foreign policy. A specific example they pointed to was Sweden and Stockholm in particular.

The reasoning was that Sweden is not active in the Muslim world and does not have an over reaching foreign policy as America does they were not being targeted and if only America would adopt a foreign policy simillar to that of Sweden the US would not find itself under attack from these forces. Wonder what those people are saying now? It seems not much. Part of the beauty of being anti-American and/or a leftist is never having to admit you were wrong on something.

Sweden certainly is not facing this form of attack because it is supportive of America. It's relationship to America would be best described as "benign hostility" or "cool." Certainly if calamity befell America Swedes and their leaders would shed no tears unless they are of the crocidlie varitey.

I'm not saying American foreign policy has no role in Islamic hostility toward America. The reality of this, like the reality of most things, is a bit more complicated than ideolouges of any particular stripe wish to make it.

"The Swedes have a small but efficient military..." Every thing in this paragraph particularly the parts about Swedish military capabilities and multiculturalism appear to be 100% correct. Also, the fact that your suggested solution is unlikely to be implemented is also largely correct. What do you think needs to happen to wake people in Western Europe and America up to this threat so that we can finally begin taking constructive steps to defend our countries?

The last sentence is also correct. Unlike Sweden the United States has a large, inefficient, and bloated military that is largely supported by outdated and worn down equipment, as well as inadequately trained troops who are poorl led by a cadre of incompetent boobs and political hacks as officers. As such, Sweden is currently in a much better position to take the needed steps than America is right now. Swedish leaders have to no doubt wake up every morning grateful that their situation is not as dire as that faced by America.

This is NOT the fault of the brave men and women who serve in the US military. It IS the fault of the leaders.

Especially with Memorial day coming up I'd like to see a change in leadership or a change in direction by the current leadership. The brave men and women serviing in our armed forces deserve much better. With the right leadership these people can be deployed properly to give them the best chance of defending the nation most of them signed up to defend and we can develop a military that would allow us to be relevant in the coming years and able to properly defend our interests.