Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Coed Rescued After Getting High On Mushrooms, Stripping Naked

Ah, those devil 'shrooms!

Taylor Powers, a 21-year-old coed at the University of Colorado went hiking with two friends in Boulder County's Chautauqua Park and had to be rescued by authorities after they received a 911 call that a female hiker was “high on mushrooms and in distress” , had stripped naked and was running around loose

No less than 35 Boulder County Sheriff’s Office deputies and other assorted rescue personnel immediately responded to deal with this dangerous emergency...

Powers ended up having to be subdued and handcuffed before being placed in a rescue basket and manhandled(!) into a helicopter. No word on whether a cavity search or frisking was involved.

I'm sure the cell phone cams of those rescuers would be interesting viewing. And you have to wonder how many would have showed up if it were, say, a 75-year-old man with heart palpitations.

Powers was taken to a Boulder hospital for treatment and cited for unlawful consumption of a controlled substance.

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