Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Zimmerman judge excludes Trayvon Martin's history of drug use, fighting, and social media posts

The judge in the Zimmerman trial has ruled in favor of the prosecution's motion to exclude  all evidence of Treyvon Martin's history of drug use, fighting, school suspensions and any and all pictures and social media content relating to these issues from being raised by the defense at the trial.

Among other things, the social media posts refer to Martin videotaping his friends assaulting and beating up a homeless man, and there's lots more where that came from.

Considering the character assassination George Zimmerman underwent during his trial by media it's hardly fair, but legally I think the judge is correct, since prior actions have no actual bearing on what happened that particular night.

This is, however, a two edged sword. If the prosecution in any way attempts to paint Trayvon Martin's character in a positive light, than Martin's character becomes fair game and Zimmerman's attorneys can justifiably ask the court to admit this evidence of what Trayvon Martin's character was actually like. Ditto if the prosecution attempts more character assassination of Zimmerman.The door's wide open.

Since Zimmerman’s statements  match his  injuries and  some eyewitness accounts, there's a reasonable doubt and if character evidence is not admissible, it's hard to see how Zimmerman gets convicted unless there's a racially cherry picked jury. And if there is and Zimmerman is found guilty, it's a slam dunk for an appeal.

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