Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ft. Hood Killer Nidal Hasan Will Be Allowed To Represent Himself At His trial

Nidal Hasan, the Palestinian former Army major who murdered his comrades at Fort Hood while screaming 'Allahu Akbar' continues to get away with murder.

He has announced that he is claiming his rights to fire his Army provided attorneys and represent himself,.  Given the provisions of the UCMJ the judge involved, Colonel Tara Osborn has no real choice but to comply, although she is likely to appoint lawyers to assist him.

What Hasan is going to do, of course, is to (a) claim 'Islamophobia' and (b) use the trial as a showcase for jihadist rhetoric.

Hasan already said that he was willing to plead guilty provided the prosecution agreed to waive the death penalty, but under the UCMJ Hasan cannot plead guilty to a capital crime, so the prosecution was unable to make that deal. Instead, we're in for a long, drawn out attention fix for a murderous jihadi.The trial is scheduled to start July 1.

And Hasan will go on trial sporting his full beard.The proceedings were drawn out for months because of the issue of Hasan failing to shave his jihad-compliant beard to conform with military standards, but after some pressure from the White House, Colonel Osborn agreed to waive that issue.

Workplace violence, you know..not a terrorist attack according to our president.

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