Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Obama Plans To Send US Forces To Fight For Al-Qaeda and The Muslim Brotherhood In Syria

This is an absolute disgrace.

President Obama is preparing to commit US forces to put yet another radical Islamist regime in power in Syria.

He has ordered our Joint Chiefs of Staff to prepare a plan for American aircraft to enter the Syrian civil war on behalf of the al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood rebels and enforce a no fly zone.

As for boots on the ground, as I revealed earlier we have 1,800 Marines off the USS Kearsage who landed at the Israeli port of Eilat ten days ago and are now deployed on the Syrian/Jordanian border. They'll undoubtedly be put into combat against Hezbollah, Assad's forces and Iran's Revolutionary Guard with the same sort of ridiculous rules of engagement that are getting our troops killed and maimed in Afghanistan.

Yes..we're now going to be going to go to war to aid al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

And ironically, you can rest assured the usual suspects will accuse Obama of 'going to war for Israel' when the last thing Israel wants on their borders is another genocidal jihadist regime armed with US weapons.

Aside from spending US blood and treasure in putting yet another Islamist regime in power, this wag the dog adventure also provides a needed distraction away from the swarm of scandals surrounding the White House.

And if its successful Syria will become yet another cog in the Islamist Caliphate Hassan al-Banna dreamed about when he formed the Muslim Brotherhood back in the 1920's.

President Barack Hussein Obama is handing it to them on a silver platter.

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Anonymous said...

Netanyahu tried & almost succeeded in persuading Putin not to send the advanced A-300 missiles to Syria. Then, the morons at the EU lifted the arms embargo (but not send arms). Britain, as always stupid, talked up sending arms.
Then, mindless interventionist John McCain goes to Syria & talks to rebels proving that stupid is bi-partisan. So, of course, Putin decides to send the A-300 missiles to Syria, & Israeli interests go down the tubes.
And while I'm sure that Leftist moron Muslim Brotherhood stooge Obama would love to see another Muslim Brotherhood regime, he won't actually do anything to help the rebels.
The real loser here is Israel since our interest is that no one win this conflict, that it drags on in a stalemate.
The Israeli leadership screwed up as well, believing that Assad would fall quickly, of course, that moron Ehud Barak was Defense Minister, when was he ever right?