Tuesday, May 07, 2013

New Explosions Heard In Tehran Near Missile Facility


According to the BBC's Persian reporter, 3 large blasts were heard in western Tehran, coming from the direction of a large facility where the Iranian military stores missiles and conducts tests.The explosions were loud enough to be clearly heard by multiple residents of the city.

The Iranian officials are saying that the blast was caused by an accident in moving munitions at the base in Bidganeh, near Shahriar, 45 km. west of Tehran. Bidganeh is also believed to be the storage center for some of Iran’s most advanced ballistic missiles, like the Shahab 3.

Could be, but there were three separate explosions, according to what the BBC's reporter tweeted. So if it was an accident involving munitions, something else blew up as well...or it was a 'work accident' the Iranians would rather not discuss, or it was sabotage, with timed explosions.

Given that someone just took out a whole shipment of Hezbollah-bound Iranian missiles in Syria...

Stay tuned.

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B.Poster said...

Might the explosions have been staged. After all, Amrica and Israel must be demonized, especially America. When Iran is ready to launch its attack on America, it may need what is commonly referred to as a "false flag" operation. What better way to create a "false flag" operation than to stage an attack on some type of Iranian target be it military or civilian, blame that on America, and use that as the pretext for launching the planned attack on America.

The media has breathlessly carried on about the prospects of an American "false flag" attack against Iran. In actuality, there was no prospect for such an attack by America. What they should have been worrying about was the Iranian false flag against America.

By working so tirelessly to undercut any possible American military action against Iran, the poor fools in the media have not only done grave damage to America's national security but they have placed in grave peril their own survival and that of their families.

Since most elite media inhabit the major metropolitan areas of the US and these are the areas most likely to be targeted by Iran and its allies, by their actions they've placed their own lives and those of their families and loved ones in even graver danger than they already were.

They allowed ideology to rule their thinking and reporting as opposed to common sense. Ideology truly does tend to make smart people dumb. The media have been rendered dumb. Unfortunatelymuch of the public who relies on them for news is now misinformed and oblivious to the danger we face. May God help us all!!