Friday, May 31, 2013

Official US Embassy Warning: Stay Away From Egypt


The American Embassy in Egypt is cautioning Americans from visiting the country, even the famed Pyramids.

A academic teaching at the American University in Cairo received an email from the embassy warning of “aggressiveness [that] in some cases is closer to criminal conduct… with angry groups of individuals surrounding and pounding on [vehicles]… and in some cases attempting to open the vehicle’s doors.” The warning lined up with the professor’s observations:

So, it’s not like I’m easily scared by anything that happens at the Pyramids, that repository for all of Egypt’s most villainous swindlers (every nation has some). But in recent months it has become almost unbearable. It feels almost like an openly criminal environment now. The problem is not only “lack of visible security,” but in some cases the security are either working with the vendors on their scams, or are sexually harassing female foreigners quite openly, even those who are obviously accompanied by their husbands. In short, if you visit Egypt in the near future, don’t even think of going to the Pyramids unless you’re on a large organized bus tour. Anything else is a big risk, for now.

The Pyramids won't be an issue for too much longer anyway. There's a large consensus of opinion within the Islamist regime in power that wants them destroyed as idolatry and 'un-Islamic' structures.

On the same day the Embassy's warning was issued, a report came out documenting numerous attacks on journalists, mainly by thugs employed by the Muslim Brotherhood regime.

In the new Islamist Egypt, the economy is in the toilet, prices on food and other staples
are rising rapidly because of hoarding and inflation, black outs are common because of energy shortages and foreign investment is almost non-existent.The economy is on life support.

Well, with one exception. This Egyptian industry still brings in money.

It's anyone's guess where this ends up going.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone who goes to Egypt as a tourist now ought to seek psychiatric help.