Friday, May 17, 2013

Culture Of Corruption: Hillary's Aide Huma Didn't Disclose Private Consulting Work On The Taxpayer's Dime

In all of his corrupt and imperious dealings, President Obama's one big misstep was to target reporters by monitoring their e-mails and phone calls...because it's going to dry up all those off the record sources.That story's getting more coverage than Benghazi, more coverage than Fast and Furious and definitely more coverage than the Gosnell abortion mass murder trial.

In consequence, the press have reacted to this president threatening their bread and butter by actually starting to run the sort of critical stories about him and his associates you'd expect from a free press rather than the biased, regime compliant media we've seen for the past four years.

A case in point is this story on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's closest personal aide Huma Abedin, appearing in no less than the New York Times.

It appears that Ms. Abedin failed to disclose what appears to be a fair amount of work as a private consultant while she was supposedly working for the American taxpayers:

The State Department, under Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, created an arrangement for her longtime aide and confidante Huma Abedin to work for private clients as a consultant while serving as a top adviser in the department.

Ms. Abedin did not disclose the arrangement — or how much income she earned — on her financial report. It requires officials to make public any significant sources of income.[...]

Ms. Abedin declined a request for an interview, but the picture that emerges from interviews and records suggests a situation where the lines were blurred between Ms. Abedin’s work in the high echelons of one of the government’s most sensitive executive departments and her role as a Clinton family insider.

While continuing her work at the State Department, in the latter half of 2012, she also worked for Teneo, a strategic consulting firm, which was founded by Doug Band, a former adviser to President Bill Clinton. Teneo has advised corporate clients like Coca-Cola and MF Global, the collapsed brokerage firm run by Jon S. Corzine, a former governor of New Jersey.
[emphasis mine]

At the same time, Ms. Abedin served as a consultant to the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation and worked in a personal capacity for Mrs. Clinton as she prepared to transition out of her job as secretary of state.

Officials in the State Department and Clinton circles seem especially sensitive about the arrangement, and no one would speak about it on the record. Earlier this month, Mr. Weiner released a copy of the couple’s 2012 tax return showing that they had income of more than $490,000.

Huma Abedin's official salary as Hillary Clinton's Deputy chief of staff in 2012 was $135,000.

As you might remember, Huma Abedin is married to former congressman and Twitter indecent exposure artist Anthony Weiner, who has now announced he wants to run for mayor. Unlike some of his colleagues in congress, Weiner is not an attorney, had no private business to use as a backup or any useful experience that would allow him to make a living with his nose out of the government trough.So when he was forced to resign his seat after his Twitter antics he became unemployed.

Meanwhile, in spite of losing half their income Mr. Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin have continued to enjoy an expensive lifestyle that seemed far beyond her current salary, including a luxury Manhattan apartment.

But all things are possible when you're a member of the Ruling Class.A little consulting work here, payment for a few discreet assignments there and a government paycheck and all adds up.

The stint working for Corzine and MF Global is particularly revealing. Over a billion dollars belonging to Corzine's investment clients simply vanished and no one, especially Corzine (who was never even indicted over the matter, much less prosecuted), is willing to say what happened to it. It just. you know, disappeared. Just a rounding error.

Did Huma have a hand in making it disappear, or does she have anything to say under oath on the subject?
And if the Clintons got her the job....

Then there's Ms. Abedin's substantial family connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, about which it's apparently forbidden to ask a question. Teneo, the strategic investment firm run by ex-Clintonista Doug Band also has a number of clients in the Arab World, some of whom almost certainly have Brotherhood ties. Did some of this clandestine consulting work involve being a liaison for investing Brotherhood funds at a mutual profit to Teneo and the Brotherhood?

Just asking...

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