Thursday, May 30, 2013

MSNBC: "Eric Holder Is The Moses of Our Time"

MSNBC contributor Michael Eric Dyson called Attorney General Eric Holder “the Moses of our time” Wednesday on “Martin Bashir”:  

 MARTIN BASHIR: Professor, we heard Mr. Sensenbrenner say the attorney general should stop down. Congressman Bob Goodlatte is also calling for resignation. Of course, he did that two years ago over fast and furious. Is this actually going to lead to something, do you think, or more of the same, more continuous calls for the attorney general to step down?   

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON: I think the attorney general should step down to off of that plateau where he resides on high principle and whip some head. But he shouldn’t give up his office. What he should understand is that he is the chief law giver of the United States so to speak. He’s the Moses of our time and at least for this administration. [...]

Now, if Jews were like Muslims, I'd be calling for a fatwa on both of them for insulting my religion and for blasphemy. As it is, I'll just note the despicable anti-semitism involved and move on. This coflating Moses with a corrupt ideologue who perjured himself and has done nothing but lie and engage in racism throughout his tenure shows you exactly how insane the Left has become. In fact, it appears he even lied to a judge when he was judge-shopping in order to get a warrant:

Right and wrong, legal and illegal, holy and unholy simply have no meaning for these people any more. It's all about the Agenda, and in Dyson's case, racist solidarity über alles.

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Israeli Jew said...

Bashir and Dyson ought to be fired.

If they said something like this about Mohamed or about black people, they'd be out the door in no time.