Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Whistle blower claims U.S. knows who masterminded the Benghazi attack but is not taking action

Apparently he's walking around free in Libya, and FOX claims conformation from a number of sources.

"We basically don't want to upset anybody, and the problem is, if Ambassador Stevens' family knew that we were sitting on information about the people who killed their son, their brother, on and on, then, and we could look them as a government in the face, then we're messing up. We're messing up", the source said.

Fox News spoke exclusively with one special operator who watched the events unfold in real time and has debriefed those who were part of the response. He remains anonymous for his safety and has decided to talk because he says he and others connected with the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks in Benghazi are frustrated with the excuses and lack of a military response since Stevens and three other Americans were killed.

"We have all the capability, all the training, all the capacity, to kill and capture not only terrorists involved, with the specific events of 9/11, and Ambassador Stevens' death, but terrorists that are feeding other regions including Europe that could eventually affect our national security in the short term," the source said. "And we're not talking midterm or long-term, this is the short-term."

Something that ought to be of major interest is the connection between our removal of Khaddaffi and allowing his arsenal to fall into the hands of Islamist and al-Qaeda forces. These heavy weapons were used to attack our consulate in Benghazi, make terrorist attacks in Algeria, invade Mali and make their way to Syria.

FOX's source says that he personally came across shoulder fired missiles in the hands of Libyan forces capable of bringing down a domestic airliner, but was unable to confiscate and destroy them because his orders didn't allow it. I've heard the same thing elsewhere.

I have to unfortunately agree with what FOX's source says here:

"It was frustrating not only for myself, but for the men and the guys that I work with. We always talk amongst each other and discuss it's probably going to take a 747, a 757 to get shot down in Tripoli for somebody to pay attention to that, which is unfortunate."

'Unfortunate'...that's one word for it. Criminal negligence and stupidity might be another way to put it.


louielouie said...

as of tuesday (04/30), hussein's j/a/r according to rasmussen is sitting at 50%.
after this i bet his j/a/r will be about 60%.

Tantric Logic said...

Want to bet the people that pulled off Benghazi have good connections to people in the Libyan government in Tripoli we're supporting?