Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Something Is Definitely Going On As Syria Shuts Down The Internet..

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It's also worth noting that Syria's Assad received a surprise visit from Iran's Foreign Minister Salehi in Damascus, after which Assad said: Syria is "capable of facing Israel's ventures."

SANA, Syria's state-run news agency reported that Assad told reporters "the Syrian people and their brave army... are able to confront the Israeli risks which constitute one face of this terrorism which targets Syria daily."

While there were no specific threats form either leader, Salehi said "it is time to deter the Israeli occupiers from carrying out these aggressions against the peoples of the region."

Salehi also said Iran was "fully confident that Syria will emerge victorious from the crisis."

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Salehi was firm about Iranian support for Assad. According to ABC reporter John Williams' twitter feed, :

Visiting Damascus, 's FM Salahi says "we will never allow to fall in the hands of America, or the Takfiri"

Syria, by the way, has been in an official state of war with Israel since Syria first attacked Israel in 1948.

In another interesting bit of this particular puzzle, our Secretary of State John Kerry is in Moscow talking to Russian Foreign minister Serge Lavrov, and apparently slipped up by appearing to leave the door open for Basher Assad to remain in control of Syria.

Speaking during a joint press conference in Moscow with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, Secretary of State Kerry told reporters it was impossible for him to see how "President Assad could govern a future Syria. I'm not going to decide that tonight and I'm not going to decide that in the end," Kerry said "Syrians have to decide who makes up the transitional body to govern them."

Something is definitely going on.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Assad & his Iranian buddies plan a major massacre but my guess is that there will be a major influx of Iranian military into Iran, possibly disguised as ''Palestinians'' to open a terrorist front on the Golan.

B.Poster said...

As I've said from the beginning, the only way Assad falls is if the Russians withdraw their support for him. As long as he has Russian support, there is absolutely no chance he can fall.

Now what's going on in Syira with on with this reality in mind? In order to understand this, we must first realize America's main foreign policy objectives which are two fold. 1.) Extract land from Israel to create a Palestinian state. Never mind the fact that this would make it much more difficult to defend Israel, would make the use of nuclear weapons in the Middle East more likely, and would make it harder to defend America. 2.) Promotion of democracy in the Middle East and through out the world. Never mind the fact that this would mean the rise of Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda sympathizers as well as other bitter enemies to power in most of the countries.

Essentially reality be ignored. We must act based upon ideolgy which means carving up Israel and supporting democracy even if Islamic terrorist and other American enemies rise to power. Nerver mind the fact that these enemies including Al Qaeda and Iran pose a greater threat to us than Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan ever did or ever could have.

In the case of Syria, Al Qaeda wins or Iran's ally wins. For America, the saying "out of the fying pan into the over" applies here. Essentially for America its a quesion of which one is least bad. Both are very bad for us.

Now why would Kerry humiliate us and himself even further by going to Russia where he can only be brow beaten even more. Its very likely, if the Syrian people "chose" their leaders Assad is out. As such, its unlikely that Mr. Kerry mispoke. The likely deal is the Russians will be allowed to choose a replacement government to their liking or will be allowed to maintain the Assad government as they choose.

Either way America loses. The sooner America redeploys its forces to positions along the US borders and off the US coasts that give its brave and dedicated warriors a fighting chance to defend Aemrica the better.

At least this way we have a fighting chance to defend our nation. Hopefully we will get good leadership who understands this soon. We cannot continue to be governed and led by ideology as we currently are be it Democrat or Republican.