Tuesday, May 28, 2013

'Islam' Painted On Defaced British War Memorials


In the wake of the Woolwich murder, things are getting fairly tense in Britain. The sheer savagery of the killings seemed to have shocked people into recognizing how dysfunctional the current status quo is onthe one hand, and sparked a new Islamist triumphalism on the other.

There have been several incidents of attempted mosque burnings and vandalism, and the above, which struck a raw nerve after the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby in broad daylight.

War memorials in Britain's parks have been targeted for defacement in what appears to be an organized fashion:

Vandals have daubed the word Islam in spray paint on war memorials in Green Park and Hyde Park in London.

Police were called to the RAF Bomber Command War Memorial at 05:00 BST and found engravings on the monument covered with paint.

Vandals did the same thing at the Animals in War Memorial in Hyde Park.

A police spokesman said Royal Parks officers were investigating and Westminster City Council had been informed.

Westminster City Council cabinet member for city management councillor Ed Argar said: "We deplore any act of vandalism or graffiti that desecrates memorials put in place to honour those who fought for our country's freedom.

"We will do everything we can to clean and restore the memorials as swiftly as possible."...

It has also brought a lot of new recruits and support for the English Defence League, who held an impressive rally in London where over 5,000 people showed up.


One of them who spoke was Ben Roberts, a former soldier waving a flag of St George and wearing service medals from Iraq and Afghanistan.

"I am here to show that we stand together against the killers of Lee Rigby. It seems that there is one law today for Muslims and one for everyone else," he said, adding that other ex-service personnel were also present. "I've had it with parties like Labour and the Conservatives," said Roberts, who identified himself as a Ukip voter.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson lit into British PM David Cameron for leaving the UK  on vacation while this was going on, saying "he doesn't care" as the crowd repeatedly chanted 'coward'.

Robinson said that "The Arabs have had their spring, now it's time for an English Spring."

I have a feeling things are going to get interesting.


Old School said...

I can tell you this had quite a reaction in Britain.

Given the huge number of British young men who died in two world wars, memorials like this are sacred.

The EDL and Ukip are going to reap much support from this.


It is time for the British to wake up.
While the bulk of this essay has to do with the political turmoil taking place in the UK it is nonetheless equally relevant to American patriots as what is taking place their will soon be happening here, as Obama has put us on the road to being more like the Europeans.