Friday, May 03, 2013

ChutzPah! Obama Blames America For Drug Violence, Blames U.S. GUN SMUGGLING!!

U.S. President Barack Obama delivers a speech at the Anthropology Museum during his visit to Mexico City May 3, 2013. REUTERS-Kevin Lamarque

Pure, unadulterated chuzpah!

President Obama spoke in Mexico today, talking about how he sees a 'new Mexico emerging' along with the usual rhetoric about how Mexico and the U.S. should be equal partners, deepen their relationship, the normal stuff you would expect.

But then there's this gem. As Reuters reported, he blamed the drug- violence in Mexico on the United States because- wait for it - much of the violence is centered around the Americans' demand for illegal drugs and the fact that guns are smuggled into Mexico from the United States.

Did he mention that he and his attorney general were responsible for a significant part of that weapons smuggling via Fast and Furious, a scheme to buy weapons illegally here through straw buyers, traffick them illegally over the border and sell weapons directly to the cartels that they didn't even bother to tell the Mexican government about beforehand? No 'coordination' there! He even took a shot at 'gun shops along our shared border'...the same his ATF coerced into selling illegal weapons to straw buyers even though they objected!

Did he take any personal responsibility? No way amigo! Blame it on 'America'.

He's simply shameless. Absolutely everything is somebody else's fault.

Simply disgraceful.


louielouie said...

it's not so much mexico is emerging as it is the US is submerging.
for that matter, mexico has been emerging for how many centuries now?
as anon would say, this is a bunch of mexican nonsense.
this also reminds me a catholic prayer, the mexican settlers in colorado used to say about generalisomo santa anna.
to update the prayer, and make it more applicable, "may g-d bless and keep hussein in mexico".

Tantric Logic said...

What a disgusting example of arrogance. He just keeps digging for the basement,lower and lower.