Monday, May 27, 2013

Obama Threatens The UK If They Leave The EU

 President Barack Obama meets Prime Minister David Cameron in Washingto

This is one of those stories that makes headlines overseas but will barely be reported here.

There is a significant political movement in Britain in favor of exiting the European Union. It's gotten to the point where a number of members of Britain's Conservative party have pledged themselves to make an election alliance with Britain's UK Independent Party(UKIP) and embrace real conservative principles (including exiting the increasingly dysfunctional EU) instead of the faux conservatism embodied by PM David Cameron and the conservative establishment, something that should be recognizable to conservatives on this side of the Pond watching the antics of RINOS here in America.

Cameron met earlier this month with President Barack Obama in Washington and as it now comes out, President Obama is threatening the UK with financial blackmail if they exit the EU.

There's a multi-billion dollar trade agreement known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)in the works. It's not the best deal from a US standpoint - it removes the relatively low tariffs of about 3% to 5% between the US and Europe, would allow EU companies to bid for state contracts and undercut US firms and enforces uniform regulations on both sides of the Atlantic, which would include the EU's farcical carbon tax and cap and trade legislation. Think of it as NAFTA for Europe.

But TTIP is worth a great deal of money to the EU. And President Obama openly threatened Cameron that if Britain leaves the EU, Britain will not only be excluded from the agreement but that the US would be unwilling to negotiate a separate deal with the UK.

The link comes from the reliably Left wing Guardian, but even they can't conceal the fact that what we have here is a sitting American president attempting to blackmail an ally financially to influence maters that directly pertain to their sovereignty.

To underline this, the story reveals that President Obama's BFF, Islamist Prime Minister Tayipp Erdogan of Turkey flew to DC earlier this month to get President Obama to include Turkey in the TTIP...even though Turkey is not a member of the EU.

Britain has put up with numerous insults and snubs since President Obama took office, yet by and large they've swallowed them and remained one of his consistent cheerleaders,even to the point of smearing his opponent in the last election.

Perhaps it's time the British realized that he just doesn't like them all that much, and never has.


Old School said...

I fear the days of alliance between America and Britain are a thing of the past. At least as long as Obama is in office.

UKIP, for those of you unfamiliar has very similar views to your Tea Party. A number of Tory MPs have rebelled against Cameron and seek an alliance with them.

I have hopes that Cameron will be removed from party leadership and Britain might finally have a real conservative voice.

B.Poster said...

This is yet another example of the p*ss poor leadership Amrica currently has. The EU is a doomed entity that needs to be allowed to come apart and the sooner it does the better it will be for all Europeans.

It's a useless effort to try and save a dommed entity. Not only that but it risks p*ssing off a valuable ally that we really need. With antics like this no wonder America has become the most hated nation on earth as well as a laughing stock.

Why would America want to preserve the EU? It was founded for two primary purposes. 1.)It was to be used as a vehicle for powerful Europeans to gain control over nations they could not control as a result of WWI and WWII. 2.)It was founded to undermine the United States. It's leaders view the US as a "strategic competitor" and would stop at nothing to hurt US interests.

It's perfomed both functions quite well but now that it is becoming unsustainable we should all welcome it's demise. It's demise is good for America, good for Europe, and good for the world.

With that said, this is not really something America really should be worrying about right now. Instead of worrying about what union Britian wishes to belong to America's leaders and Mr. Obama need to be worrying about what they are going to do when the US dollar loses its role as world reserve currency.

Even if faulty policies were changed, the damage has been done. As such, the loss of the dollar as the world reserve currency is inevitable. This will change things in ways that are hard to predict. America's leaders need to be developing a plan of action to deal with this instead of worrying about union Britian wishes to belong to or worrying about what type of trade arrangement Turkey should have.

If Britian wishes to leave the EU or remain in the EU, this is a decision for them to make based upon their interests and needs. America has no place in this and British leaders should kindly but forcefully point this out to them.

Even if the nations wish to remain allied, there is little America can do to that would be benifical to Britian. As such, I see no logical reason why Britian should want to continue an alliance with America.

Given America's situation, the country needs assistance accross a variety of areas. In addition to working on a plan of action when the dollar loses its role as world reserve currency, it would be a good idea for America' leaders to try and help the nation develop a competitive edge somewhere so that other nations would want to be allied with us and would find it benefical to work with us in a constructive manner as equals.

William Read said...
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Rob said...

To me,it's immaterial whether he is or not.

HYe and his administration are empowering and enabling the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists and their agenda.That's what matters.

Anonymous said...

What Britain or the EU does isw none of our (USA) business.