Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Report: Military To Take over Egypt Within Hours

I'm getting a lot of info from my sources that Islamist president Morsi is toast, and will either be toppled or resign within hours.

The semi-official Al-Ahram is already saying that the army will form a presidential council to run the country.If this goes down, General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the armed forces commander appointed by Morsi last year will likely be Egypt's new strongman.

I'm also hearing that senior Muslim Brotherhood officials have been put under hpuse arrwest and even taken into custody by the army.

If things go down in this fashion, it means that (A) the Army called President Obama's bluff about cutting off aid if they pulled a coup (B)US influence on Egypt is negligible, thanks to our president.

Stay tuned..tomorrow should be interesting.


syd B. said...

Regardless how this turns out, they're going to hate the US more than ever. There are consequences to a failed foreign policy. I hope people remember this when Hillary is prancing around in 2016 campaign mode.

Anonymous said...

My Arab friends back home are ecstatic with joy, many have taken off work to watch Egyptian TV to see the Muslim Brotherhood regime go down the tubes. I've spent half the day talking to them, they all very much enjoyed your various reports on this, I bet you didn't know you have fans in the Arab world, LOL

Rob said...

Are you kidding Anonymous?

I have correspondents in half a dozen Arab countries, including one whom works for the Palestinian Authority. And I see where my traffic comes from.

The more enlightened Arabs who see the Big Picture even realize something I've been saying for a long time; in their midst,they have a technologically advanced country that is a leader in irrigation, in high tech, in desalinization, in solar energy and in agriculture that would love nothing better than to help the Arabs with exactly what they need.

They want to foster trade, improve cultural relations and help the Arab people in exchange for being able to live with them in peace and freedom.

The real Arab Spring will come when the Arab people realize what an asset Israel is to them and embrace Israel and the Jews.

Soon come, I hope.

Salaam Aleikum,