Monday, July 29, 2013

Egypt: Crackdown On The Muslim Brotherhood Continues

The new Egyptian government continues to take a hard line with the Muslim Brotherhood, which might very well be the only way possible to settle the security situation in the country.

As Brotherhood inspired riots continue to erupt in Egyptian cities, the Army has responded in force.Over the weekend,security forces killed at least 83 Morsi/Brotherhood supporters in clashes in Cairo, while at least one policeman was reported killed by a gunshot that came from the crowd.

The violence erupted after millions took to the streets to show their support for Defense Minister Gen. Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi. The mass turnout followed a call from al-Sissi for rallies to give him a mandate to deal with violence and "potential terrorism", AKA the Brotherhood and the Islamists.

Meanwhile the arrests of Brotherhood and other Islamist leaders continues.The latest ones brought into custody are Abul-Ela Madi and Essam Soltan from the Brotherhood-allied Wasat Party, who faced arrest warrants for inciting violence and were found hiding in a house in a Cairo neighborhood located near the area where the Brotherhood had been holding its 'martyrdom actions'.

Former Islamist President Mohamed Morsi is still being held incommunicado by the Egyptian government as prosecutors prepare charges against him for corruption, conspiring with Hamas and the murder of soldiers in a prison break.

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