Thursday, July 18, 2013

DOJ Refuses To Allow Return Of Zimmerman's Gun-Seizing All Trial Evidence

 Attorney General Eric Holder told NAACP convention-goers that the DOJ still has an open civil rights investigation in Zimmerman, despite his acquittal in Florida

Yesterday, Attorney General Eric Holder signaled to the NAACP when speaking at their convention that he and the Department of Justice were seeking to file civil rights charges against George Zimmerman, in spite of his acquittal. Holder let his audience know that that the Justice Department investigation they opened around the same time the White House helped organize and finance the protests that led to Zimmerman's indictment is still open.

'I am concerned about this case,' Holder told the crowd, 'and as we confirmed last spring, the Justice Department has an open investigation into it.'

'While that inquiry is ongoing, I can promise that the Department of Justice will consider all available information before determining what action to take.'

Today, the action started.

Under Florida Law, George Zimmerman is entitled to have all property of his that was held as evidence during his trial returned to him...including his gun.

The Department of Justice has instructed the Sanford police department to hold all evidence from the trial prior to it being sent to the Department of Justice for examination. That includes George Zimmerman's gun.

Remember that Zimmerman is the recipient of numerous death threats, and unable to afford private security. It's now open season on him.

This is an obvious sign that Zimmerman will be prosecuted by the Department of Justice for violating Trayvon Martin's civil rights.

The fact that months of FBI investigation turned up no sign of racist behavior by George Zimmerman and the fact that his claim of self defense was validated by a jury means nothing.

As I explained to you before, this is all about race as politics and politics as race. Zimmerman will be prosecuted at the taxpayer's expense regardless of the merits of the case Holder and the DOJ can put together. He's officially an Enemy of The People.

There have been a number of allegations that the Department of Justice, especially the Civil Rights division is permeated with racism. I'll let you do your own research on that, but ask yourself this question - have you ever seen them intervene once or prosecute anyone when the victim was white?


Anonymous said...

Racism was definitely a factor in the Trayvon Martin death. He referred to Zimmerman as a cracker and a nigger. He also possibly made homophobic remarks directed at Zimmerman.

Is the DOJ not aware of this? Someone should forward this info to their tip line.

Anonymous said...

Right after he follwed him on a dark rainy ass night so sick of these zimmerman supporters undercover kkk