Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WATCH – Woman Distracts Man With Nude Swim While Her Husband Burglarizes House

Crossville, Tennessee, a suburb about 100 miles from Nashville was the site of an innovative crime.

A man in his fifties was approached by the 30-year-old wife of his neighbor, who asked if she could cool off in his pool.

According to police, the husband left after his wife asked him to retrieve her cigarettes.

She then asked the victim if it would bother him if she swam naked. He said no, and settled in for a ring side seat for about 20 minutes.

While he was watching the show, her husband burglarized the house, stealing a handgun, jewelry and medication.

"I went and got her a towel, she dried off and all of a sudden she was soaking wet again. I escorted her outside and invited her to church, (!!!) but she said she didn't have time for that" victim Stephen Amaral told Nashville's News 2.

(Extraneous punctuation mine)

The two suspects have been identified, but have not been located yet. Perhaps they're making the rounds of other houses with pools!

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