Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Outta Gas! Stations To Turn Away PA Security Vehicles

Ma'an, the Jordanian news agency tells us that gas stations across Judea and Samaria are going to refuse to allow Palestinian security vehicles to gas up, after the PA's finance ministry failed to pay their bills:

The PA Finance Ministry has not reimbursed fuel vouchers for five months, and on Tuesday a network of fuel distributors announced it would stop letting the security forces fill up for free.

They say the security services will be able to fill up their tanks until Thursday, after which they will be refused.

Ma'an has learned that the Finance Ministry only started paying January's fuel vouchers on Sunday. On Tuesday, they were expected to pay February's bills.

But the owners of gas stations say they will not let them take fuel after Thursday if the ministry does not pay all its debts by then.

Maybe they can afford bicycles. Or skateboards.

Ah hah hah hah!

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Anonymous said...

The PA won't pay it's electric bill to the Israel Electric Co. either.