Sunday, July 21, 2013

Germany Backs Away From EU Sanctions On Israel


As you know, the EU recently took a step towards rebuilding the walls of its Jewish ghettos when the European Commission, which is the operative arm of the EU arbitrarily issued instructions forbidding EU member states from cooperating, transferring funds, giving scholarships or issuing research grants to public or private bodies in Judea and Samaria, eastern Jerusalem, and even the Golan Heights. In other words, the new Jewish ghetto according to the EU consists of Israel's indefensible 1948 ceasefire lines.

I had a feeling at least some members of the EU might see this for what it is and react, and Germany, having been down this road before has been the first to disavow this ghettoization of Israel:

In a statement issued by MP Philipp Missfedler, the Bundestag spokesman for German chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party and its coalition partner the Bavarian Christian Social Union, he stated the guidelines are “pure ideology and symbolic politics” and will not contribute to finding a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Missfelder stated it is encouraging that the Federal Government has moved away from the new EU directives, which declared that from January 1 2014, Israeli projects in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, east Jerusalem and the Golan Heights will no longer be given European Union financial backing.

“Israel is the recognized administrative power in the territories without which approved development projects like solar energy or sewage works could not be installed," Missfelder stated.

He continued that an implementation of the new EU guidelines could mean an “end of research cooperation with the Hebrew University in Jerusalem because some of their academics have an address in East Jerusalem."

Not to mention push back when it comes to German exports.

This is symbolic of the conflict between Germany's mainstream parties and the far Left
Greens, who are almost reflexively anti-Israel.

It'a also worth mentioning that Germany recently concluded a deal with Israel for two more Dolphin subs...with Germany subsidizing part of the cost.


Anonymous said...

this is a poke in the eye of God, now we can wait to see what will happen next, I say - euro will loose value, deadly diseases spreading across EU, severe weather conditions.. punishment will come soon. what will it be?? surprise surprise EU :D :D

Anonymous said...

a poke in the Gods eye,, what will it be for EU now? earthquake? rain? crops? food? virus? flood? how bout all :D :D

UCSPanther said...

I'd say the eruption of long simmering ethnic tensions are definitely in Europe's future...