Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Trayvon Riots Hit Hollywood

Random groups of 'protesters' hit Hollywood last night, engaging in what the L.A. Weekly characterized as 'a rampage' of thefts and assaults:

On the fourth night of protests over the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin murder case bands of teenagers descended on Hollywood Boulevard, grabbed items from stores, snatched iPhones from tourists and even punched victims, according to police and witnesses.

It wasn't clear if the packs of young people 20-or-more strong were related to the kind of Trayvon-related unrest that hit the Crenshaw District Monday night, but at least one shopkeeper believed it was:

"I think this was related to the George Zimmerman thing," he said.

That son of a store owner, who, like other witnesses we talked to, did not want to be identified for of retribution, said a group of of more than 30 came to the front of his t-shirt shop and grabbed all the merchandise they could get their hands on and ran off to hit other nearby shops.

Four mannequins were toppled at the shop and postcards were also taken, the son said.

When he gave chase and tried to grab some shirts back from a teenager, he was pummeled by that suspect, he said. "I tried to defend myself," he shrugged.

The young people focused their actions around Hollywood Boulevard and Cherokee Avenue and moved east from there, according to police and witnesses.

"They seemed organized," the shopkeeper said.

A personal note - I spoke to at least two people who were there who told me that the flash mobs used the phrase 'justice for Trayvon' a number of times, and the chant 'no justice no peace' at least once, near Hollywood and Cahuenga.

According to the L.A. Times, The LAPD told The Times it appears the youths were betting on the increased police presence in Crenshaw to leave Hollywood vulnerable. Some in the group said they wanted to “riot” in Hollywood.

These might not have been what the media dubs as serious 'protesters' but like a lot of others out on the streets, they were certainly down for the agenda.

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Andy said...

These are such brave youths. "Breaking glass, kicking cars and throwing down plants" WOW.
I am really overwhelmed by their fearless attitude. What a collection of misfits, who feed on each others worthless lives. Please come to my country and try that shit,you would be tagged and baggged. All i saw was stray animals looking for a dustbin.