Monday, July 29, 2013

No Such Thing As Voter Fraud? Guess Again

This NBC report from Florida shows that illegal aliens and others not eligible to vote nevertheless filled out voter registration forms and voted in Florida's elections. There's no telling how widespread the problem is because the Obama Department of Justice consistently blocks the State of Florida and others from purging voter registration rolls of deceased persons, convicted felons, and others who were able to register thanks to legislation like President Clinton's so-called 'Motor-Voter' bill that automatically allows people to register to vote when they register a car at the Department of Motor vehicles or when they apply for public benefits.

Without voter ID requirements, it's a Democrat's dream come true when it comes to voter fraud.

And it's definitely a partisan issue. Just look here, here, here,and here.

Voter fraud...the Left can't win without it.

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Bourbon said...

My wife is a green card holder (not eligible to vote)and was mailed a voter registration by our county (in the state of Oregon). She didn't register and vote because she is honest and law abiding. Since we vote by mail here, it would have been a piece of cake for her to vote illegally. But it wouldn't have made a difference, since Oregon is hopelessly liberal...