Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stevie Wonder Says He'll Boycott Florida? - Here's A Little Known Fact About Him


Stevie Wonder has announced that he's going to boycott Florida and any other state that has 'stand your ground laws' in the future, because he says they contributed to George Zimmerman's acquittal.

"I decided today that until the Stand Your Ground law is abolished in Florida, I will never perform there again," Wonder said Sunday while performing in Quebec City. "As a matter of fact, wherever I find that law exists, I will not perform in that state or in that part of the world."

I'm reasonably sure his spokespeople cleaned this up. Actually, the Stand Your Ground law did not apply here, and was cited in the jury instructions as not being applicable, but hey, why should facts stand in the way of seeing things through a racial prism, even if you're physically blind.

Actually, Mr. Stevland Judkins (Stevie Wonder's real name) has been on my personal boycott list for quite some time. I don't buy or play his music, and if it happens to come on the radio I switch the station.

You see, back in October of 1995, there was a little event primarily organized by Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam called The Million Man March in Washington DC. The media largely misrepresented it as a civil rights gathering and aired carefully chosen vanilla clips, but I saw it live on CSPAN and videotaped it.

It was one of the worst public displays of outright racism, Jew hatred and anti-semitism in recent American history...as you can imagine with Louis Farrakhan as the keynote speaker. Among the people who shared the stage with Farrakhan and others and sat there nodding their heads in agreement were Maya Angelou, convicted felon and later head of the NAACP Benjamin Chavis Muhammed, MC Hammer, Jesse Jackson, comedian Dick Gregory (who brought his 3 kids along to listen and absorb this poison), MC Hammer, Rosa Parks,Jeremiah Wright. And oh yes, Stevie Wonder.

There was some other people who attended as well, and even helped organize the hate fest;a community organizer by the name of Barack Obama and an up and coming `activist' named Keith Ellison.

Let's just say that as far as I'm concerned, anyone who sat through this and didn't speak out against what went down has little to say to anyone else about racism, justice, or right and wrong.


Rob said...

Thanks for the info. Add me to the list of Judkins boycotters.

Anonymous said...

I hope he boycotts our state, we don't want him here either.
Florida, count your blessings!
I can't name one of his songs that is even tolerable.

Jackie said...

I've never liked him or his music, so it is NO problem to boycott this loser. Thanks for the information!