Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Defund ObamaCare? Why Not? The Time Is NOW


The RINO cohort of the Republican Party along with a number of pundits are doing their very best to stave off what would be an extremely popular, common sense and no-lose proposition- the defunding of ObamaCare.

There's every reason to do it and no reason not to.

What we're talking about is attaching a rider or an amendment to one of those must pass budget bills, like spending or the debt limit to prohibiting any funds from being spent to implement or enforce ObamaCare, takes any funds appropriated but not spent and puts them back in the treasury and shuts off all government subsidies for the new medical exchanges and the new Medicaid spending that are now automatically funded through ObamaCare.

It's certainly possible to do this. In 2011, the Republican Majority House actually passed this as an amendment to the debt ceiling bill, but foolishly agreed to scrap it in negotiations with President Obama.

Here's why it's important. In 2014, the main entitlements from ObamaCare kick in, with an estimated $48 billion to be spent on funding the ObamaCare subsidies, the new exchanges and the vast Medicaid expansion.

Another thing that happens is that Americans will all be required to buy healthcare, or face penalties administered by the IRS. President Obama has already requested over $400 million from congress to fund the vast new army of bureaucrats he wants to hire to implement this monstrosity. Not only that, but the vast new laws and regulations to be enforced will increase the average American's premium by over $2000, according to the latest projections from the Congressional Budget Office.

You take away the funds to implement ObamaCare and it collapses.And in less you defund it, you can't repeal it.

There are a lot of reasons why it's important to do this now rather than later.

ObamaCare is a financial dead weight hanging around the neck of the American people. The further it is allowed to progress, the more money will be wasted and the harder it will be to undo the damage after January 1, 2014.

The sooner its defunded, the fewer the full time jobs that will be converted into part time employment to skate under the 50 full time employees threshold and the fewer company provided health plans that will be junked.

This kind of damage will take a long time to correct even if the bill is eventually repealed, one reason to utterly reject the nonsense that we should wait 'until it collapses on its own' being being peddled by the likes of Karl Rove and others.

Following that kind of advice makes as much sense as waiting for a cholera epidemic to 'collapse on its own.'

Aside from the fiscal and structural reasons there are significant political benefits.

ObamaCare is an incredibly poor piece of legislation, and it is widely unpopular with good reason. Moving to defund it right now is going to resonate with the American public.

Action of this sort would also remind President Obama that it is Congress, and especially the House that holds the purse strings of government. That would re-establish the checks and balances between the three branches of government that have largely been lost since this president came to town. And might very well lead to President Obama being a lot more cooperative when it comes to investigating the raft of scandals the administration is embroiled in.

And finally it would put the president in the position of either allowing the defunding to go forward or vetoing a bill and shutting down government to defend a massively unpopular law.

In short there's no downside. Just the usual lack of courage and responsibility from certain members of the legislative class.

Make sure these boys hear from you NOW, via fax e-mail and telephone. And if you can, attend any town hall meeting or events that come up so they have a clear understanding of how you feel and what's at stake for them personally if they fail to do their sworn duty to the people that employ them.

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Geoffrey Britain said...

A defunding bill "would put the president in the position of either allowing the defunding to go forward or vetoing a bill and shutting down government to defend a massively unpopular law."

That is neither how Obama, the dems or the MSM will describe it. They will under-report that Obama vetoed the bill and over-report that the Republicans have shut down the government. Obama wants and would welcome a shutdown.

He believes that it would provide the political fodder that would enable the dems to regain a majority in the House.

Remember, he doesn't care that conservatives and Republicans will KNOW the truth, all he cares about is that enough duped low-information voters go to the polls and vote him another victory in 2014.