Friday, July 26, 2013

AG Holder Attacks Texas Voting Laws Again - With Surprising Republican Help


Attorney General Eric Holder had a few things to say yesterday when he spoke to the Philadelphia Urban League.

While he never said the words 'Trayvon Martin', the speech, like the controversy Obama's Department of Justice played such a significant part in orchestrating, funding and organizing to make the Trayvon Martin shooting a national issue is part of deliberate campaign to rev up black turnout for 2014 by appealing to racial division.

Holder's chief target was the new Texas voting laws that require a photo ID and combat the voter fraud so dear to the heart of so many Democrats.In his speech, Holder vowed to impose “preclearance” procedures on the state of Texas in order to prevent it from making any changes in voting procedures without the express permission of the Department of other words, President Obama and himself.

This,of course takes precedence over appointing a special prosecutor to look into Benghazi, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious or any of the other scandals and cavalier disregard for law the Obama Administration has been implicated in.

Holder's attack on the new Texas law is pure politics. In the recent Supreme Court decision Shelby v. Holder, the SCOTUS re-affirmed protections against discrimination but simply ruled that race baiting ideologues like Holder could not pre-empt the judicial process on their say so without Congress rewriting the Voting Rights Act to reflect the realities of America in 2013 rather than 1965.

Since the Texas law is almost identical to one in Indiana that the Supreme Court has already ruled was constitutional, what's happening here is an attempt to 'punish' Texas by forcing them to devote time and resources to a case even Holder cynically knows has no merits whatsoever - except political ones, using race as a campaign issue. There's also the additional benefit that he may be able to drag things out and get injunctions that would stop the new voter ID laws from being implemented in the 2014 midterms.

Like the IRS, our Department of Justice is now merely a weapon to be used for political warfare rather than for the purpose it was originally created.

While Eric Holder's motives are clear, what's even worse is the help he's getting from some Republicans in attempting to subvert the law and play politics.

Pajamas Media has the story about paid Republican National Committee consultant Tom Hofeller spending RNC donations to develop race-based criteria to push Texas and other states back under the boot of the Departmewnt of Justice and into federal receivership:

The sources tell Tatler that nearly all of the members of the actual committee have been kept in the dark about this effort, and no mention is ever made in RNC fundraising efforts — for good reason, because GOP donors would be furious.

Hofeller, a long-time RNC consultant on redistricting, has devised ways to force several states back into federal receivership by amending the Voting Rights Act to grab states and force them to obtain Washington, D.C. approval. He is hopeful that Congressional Republicans will use his RNC-generated ideas to accomplish this goal.

So far, the Republicans in Congress have shown more sense than the Republicans paid by the RNC, and are cool to the idea of returning states to federal receivership.

According to congressional sources, Hofeller has also been misrepresenting the importance of the law struck down by the Supreme Court. Hofeller has told Hill sources the federal election oversight law is essential to elect Republicans, something most Republicans on the Hill no longer believe is true. Hofeller has spread this message while being paid by the RNC.

RNC donations are fairly low this year, and the reason why is quite evident when things like this surface.


Rhymes With Right said...

On the other hand, SCOTUS did leave Section 3 intact, meaning that the DOJ can go after states in this manner -- but the burden of proof is on the DOJ that there is intentional discrimination going on rather than the state's to prove it is not. And if there is intentional discrimination going on, that is the sort of thing that we ought to support this Administration going after -- presuming they do so in a fair and evenhanded way, looking at blue states as well as red.

Frankly, I don't think that this effort will succeed against Texas -- and I support my state's Attorney General, Greg Abbott (my choice to replace Rick Perry in 2014), to smack down the feds once again in court.

Geoffrey Britain said...

Marco Rubio was instrumental in getting passage in the Senate for 'Comprehensive Amnesty' for 11-33 million 'undocumented democrats'. Now, Rep. Ryan freely admits that he is working in the House to do the same.

EVERYONE knows that signing the 'Comprehensive Amnesty Bill' into law will result in permanent one-party rule in America. EVERYONE knows that Obama and the democrats will simply ignore any and all border security provisions. Thus ANY Republican who supports passage of "a path to citizenship" is knowingly supporting Amnesty and the demographic destruction of America.

Why would 'some' prominent Republican's working behind the scenes to assist Holder, Obama and the democrats be a 'surprise'?

What would be a surprise would be them actually resisting.

The Republican Party, by its actions has repeatedly demonstrated that its allegiance to small government, Constitutional principles is strictly lip service.