Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Race As Politics And Politics As Race - The Slave Mentality Revisited


In the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial, amid all the posturing, there's something that's being studiously ignored...why it happened in the first place. Oh, not the incident itself, but the ginned up outrage, the trial by media even to the point of falsifying images and recordings of 911 calls, and the political posturings that went all the way up to that White House and the Oval Office.

Take all that away and the Trayvon Martin case is just another unfortunate urban altercation. Hispanics have shot blacks before, and black have killed Hispanics. So why did this become a cause célèbre and attract such attention?

The answer's pretty simple if you think about it. The Trayvon Martin shooting became notorious because it was deliberately designed to, and if it hadn't occurred, something else would have had to be invented.

If we look at the 2012 election, several things become apparent. It was a low turnout election with blacks voting in record numbers for Democrats and President Obama and whites sitting things out in equally record numbers. The Obama campaign, especially when talking to blacks heavily defined the election in racial terms. Voter fraud was fairly widespread in some areas - there were urban precincts in Philadelphia, Ohio and elsewhere with turnouts in excess of 100% without a single vote for Mitt Romney, a statistical impossibility.

A brief look at a map of that election shows that aside from a few upscale enclaves in places like the San Francisco Bay area or Manhattan, a lot of Democrat strength is concentrated in small, densely populated urban pockets that are vital to them winning elections. To put it in a simpler way, in order to carry Pennsylvania, the Democrats need to get a high enough turnout in the urban wards of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to offset the votes in the rest of the state.An important key to that margin is a near monolithic black vote.

And a key to getting out that monolithic black vote in high enough numbers is periodic episodes that can be exploited - like the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Barack Obama, of course, is by far not the only Democrat politico that realizes this and is willing to use it.

But he's unique in not only being willing to use it but being willing to create and then exacerbate it.

We now know that it was Obama's Department of Justice that actually played a significant part in orchestrating, funding and organizing the violent protests that led to Zimmerman being charged in the first place, as well as pressuring the State of Florida to name a special prosecutor, which they eventually did, who then bypassed the usual grand jury process to come up with murder two charges on her own.

President Obama's remarks inserting himself into a pending legal matter were just the icing on the cake.

. In fact, as I revealed over a year ago, the DOJ started working feverishly to put together  a civil rights case against George Zimmerman the minute the protests started  as a backup in case the state of Florida refused to comply with the pressure to come up with an indictment and an arrest..

That  DOJ case is almost certainly ready to go now, and regardless of its merits I wouldn't be at all surprised to see AG Eric Holder  use taxpayer dollars to bring it to court. It's not justice of course, but  politics. 

We have something unique in our history to contend with here, something very different.  President Obama is  is not just making use of such useful crises when then come up but actually taking an active hand in creating them and then making them worse, for his own political purposes.

One you realize that, a lot of other things fall into place...George Zimmerman's trial by media, especially on Obama's pet network of MSNBC,  the use of White House intimate Al Sharpton to gin things up (and remember, the odious Rev Al doesn't attend these things for free), and incendiary columns and broadcasts by a lot of the usual suspects, all invoked to make George Zimmerman the focus of the Two Minute Hate.

Not only does it harness the power of government to the old race pimp's trick of creating  monsters to scare credulous marks into donating and preserving the luxurious  lifestyle of people like Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the NAACP's Benjamin Jealous, it serves another useful purpose as well..it distracts people, it sucks all the oxygen out of the room.

Seen  much in the news lately about Fast and Furious?  The IRS Scandal? Benghazi? The NSA spying scandal? ObamaCare falling apart? The AP scandal? Of course you haven't. And that's exactly what was intended.

And it will continue to be milked as long as possible. Aside from the usual ObamaMedia and White House friendly reporters and columnists, you'll see a lot of action among Democrat politician and 'activists'. Al Sharpton, among others is planning a 100 city tour. I'm sure the NAACP's Benjamin Jealous already has his fundraiser in the mail,in people's inboxes and via robocalls. it would not surprise me if the White House was actually funding and helping to organize some of this effort.

A number of black supporters of this president in particular are being played for fools. Instead of focusing on how black unemployment is going to be severely worsened by the amnesty President Obama wants to shove through or what it's going to do to the price of housing, they're angsting on ridiculous topics about it being  legal now to kill black children in America.

 Instead of thinking clearly about how ObamaCare is going to destroy their healthcare plans and turn full time workers in part time ones, or thinking too much  about how President Obama's energy plans are increasing the price of gas, food, goods and energy for working families, they're howling about  the 'white Hispanic'...
 whose being victimized by the same Ruling class who are cynically victimizing them, if they just threw off the race based blinders long enough  to see things as they truly are.

Instead of looking honestly at the dysfunctional parts of black American culture  that produces functional illiterates like Rachel Jeantel and  49% of American homicides out of only 12.5% of America's population with over 9,000 black Americans murdered annually and 93% of those murders attributed to  black on black crime, they're content to be lured like lemmings going over a cliff screaming 'ra-aa-aacism' while continuing to insist that Massa Obama has their back and cares about them, as opposed to just wanting to use them for his own purposes.This is the slave mentality brought into the 21st century.



Bourbon said...

So very well said. I would love to see commentary like this on the eleven o'clock news. It may happen in my dreams...

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but what black employment before President Obama, because I think it was a lot higher than 14%. Also, we took on the Trayvon Martin case so seriously because you're right there are thousand of blacks murdered, but we thought we could fight this one. Were distracted from are other problems invovling government, but sometimes we do want to show that we have a voice....