Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Expert Witness: Trayvon Was on Top Of Zimmerman

Today the defense called Dr. Vincent Di Maio, a nationally known forensic pathologist. His testimony was, as they say, of interest.

Taking the stand for the defense, Dr. Vincent Di Maio, a forensic pathologist, said that Martin's gunshot wound was consistent with the gun's muzzle being against his clothing, which would have been two to four inches away from his body when he was shot.

"If you lean over someone, you notice the clothing tends to fall away from the chest," Di Maio said. "If instead you're lying on your back and someone shoots you, the clothing is going to be against your chest."

He also testified about George Zimmerman's injuries:

Zimmerman's injuries were consistent with having his head hit against concrete more than once, Di Maio said. The former neighborhood watch captain said the teen smashed his head into a sidewalk several times before he claimed he acted in self-defense.

The testimony was a contrast to another medical examiner, Dr. Valerie Rao, who testified for prosecutors that Zimmerman had "insignificant" injuries that didn't appear to result from multiple impacts against concrete.

Pointing to photos of Zimmerman's injures, Di Maio also said Zimmerman's nose may have been fractured, an injury he said was consistent with being punched in the nose, as Zimmerman said Martin did.

Di Maio also said it's possible to receive trauma without visible wounds. "You can get severe trauma to the head without external injuries, actually," Di Maio said.

So far, it seems we know that Trayvon was on top and had inflicted injuries on Zimmerman consistent with what Zimmerman told police from Day One. We know that the lead detective, who was initially hostile to Zimmerman changed his opinion after he attempted to game Zimmerman by telling him that the whole altercation had been captured on video and Zimmerman responded "Thank G-d".

We know that the screams for help were almost certainly from Zimmerman, because Trayvon Martin would have no reason to be yelling for help since he was on top and and in the process of making Zimmerman's head part of the concrete.

And we also know that Trayvon Martin was in an altered state of mind, having consumed a decent amount of marijuana at the time of the shooting.

Anything's possible, but I can't see how any reasonable jury convicts George Zimmerman with it being thrown out on appeal.

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