Friday, July 12, 2013

Janet Napolitano To Resign As Head Of DHS

 Janet Napolitano

Yes, Big Sis is getting out of DC while the getting is good. With things like Fast and Furious, the NSA scandal, the AP scandal and numerous others brewing around the Obama Administration, she's decided it might be smarter to get out of Dodge for awhile.

And where's she headed? Where do all failed political figures from Democrat administrations go? If not to the media, than to academia.

Big Sis has been named to be the next president of the 10 campus University of California system, at three times the salary she now makes.

Why her? Oh, the L.A. Times article provides a few perhaps unintended hints:

UC officials believe that her Cabinet experiences –- which include helping to lead responses to hurricanes and tornadoes and overseeing some anti-terrorism measures -- will help UC administer its federal energy and nuclear weapons labs and aid its federally funded research in medicine and other areas. [...}

Robert Powell, the chairman of UC’s system-wide faculty Senate and who consulted on the UC search, said Napolitano stood out among the more than 300 potential candidates. She “has demonstrated an outstanding ability to deal with complex organizations under demanding circumstances,” he said.

Acknowledging that she will be a departure from UC’s traditions of having a president with strong records in campus administration or academic research, he stressed that her political skills will be important. “When she goes to Sacramento, clearly the conversations will be on a different plane,” he said.

Yes, it's about the Federal and State benjamins.

Interestingly enough, a Times poll at the link showed that 77% of the locals think she's a bad choice to head the UC system, as of 9 AM PST this morning.

While it will certainly be refreshing to be rid of her, rest assured that President Obama will pick someone even worse to fill her slot.

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