Saturday, July 20, 2013

Another Jew Hater Takes The Dirt Nap- Helen Thomas, 1921-2013

Another radical Left winger and serial Jew hater has gone to her just reward. She was an early proponent of bastardizing journalism by not reporting the news but editorializing it.

It's truly despicable that in all the media obit style stories out there, only FOX even mentioned her over the top anti-semitism, her constant frothing at the mouth over the 'Jewish conspiracy' her telling Jews they needed to 'go home to Poland and Germany'. Or the fact she was forced to 'retire' once the smell got so bad and so public it couldn't be ignored anymore.

Within limits of her ability and influence, she did the best she could to be a force for slander, bigotry and evil.

Like her idol Yasser Arafat, the world's a better place for her absence.


Bourbon said...

You need a like button. For times when I like it, but can't add much to the discussion. Also would like to say, only the good die young. This evil witch gets to live to 92.

Rob said...

If you're on Facebook, you can like it, if you're on Twitter you can retweet it, or you can share it on Google Plus or any other social media you fancy...

Thanks for the kind words.

poptoy1949 said...

Well that is not entirely true about only the good dying young. It may be a saying but I have known so very good conservatives that have lived to ripe old ages and I am glad they did. They taught this old fool a lot of things. Now as far as the lady you were speaking of.......I would rather not. She had Arab blood in her veins and she was never pro Israel. Never.

louielouie said...

if i added something to this discussion, i would be banned permanently from J/P.
i am surprised however at ff posting.
his criticism of this thing is the harshest i think i have ever seen. even in private e-mails ff has shared with myself and the NSA, he is always restrained and objective.