Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Iran Stalls Again As Rohani Chooses A New 'Chief Nuclear Negotiator


Iran's President-Elect Hassan Rohani has chosen yet another hardliner to be Iran's chief nuclear negotiator with the west:

Iranian President-elect Hassan Rohani will nominate Mohammad Forouzandeh as head of the Supreme National Security Council, a position which would make him Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, Iran's ISNA news agency said on Monday.

Forouzandeh is a former Revolutionary Guard, a current member of the Supreme National Security Council and head of a large and economically powerful state charitable foundation.

Here's what this really means....Iran is buying time. Every time they change 'chief nuclear negotiators' they get a free ride for at least another two months,longer if they drag things out even further before returning to 'negotiations'. Because, of course, the new negotiator needs time, lots of time to be conformed by the majlis(Iran's parliament) - after lots of debate, of course - to put his office in order, hire his staff, and take his time studying all of the past negotiations, minutes of meetings, reports...and then of course, there's the back and forth about a suitable time and place to schedule yet another pointless meeting with the gullible West.

How do I know this? Because it's the same movie we've seen before from the Ayatollahs. They may be able to string this one out six months if they're lucky.

And the West falls for it every time.

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