Monday, July 22, 2013

How Palestinians Really Feel About America

So, after all the money,attention and pandering to Islamist and to 'Palestine' they really love America, right?

Feel the love from this Friday sermon filmed July 12th during Ramadan, when throngs of Palestinians were allowed by Israel to worship at the al-Aqsa mosque.It's mislabeled as a 'pro-Morsi demonstration', but it is actually the Friday sermon delivered by the imam after prayers.

Remember this when President Obama talks about how we need to cripple our ally Israel by forcing them back to indefensible borders.


louielouie said...

ff there is something wrong with your link of the video.
you say you posted a video of a pro-morsi demonstration.
what you posted was a breakfast meeting at the white house.
can you please post the correct video?

Rob said...

I get the joke, but as I mentioned this vid is mislabeled.It's actually a Ramadan sermon at the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem from two weeks ago, nothing to do with Morsi.

Anonymous said...

Freaking ranting lunatic. Dangerous, freaking, ranting lunatic. Seriously - we tolerate this in the name of religious freedom? It's freedom of tyranny, freedom of death threats, freedom of war, freedom of hate, freedom of all things bad but it's okay because we call it a religion. Holy freaking crap!

B.Poster said...

Believe me. I have never forgotten your last sentence and I remember it, a paraphrase of course, every time some American leader, "Western" leader, or pundit tells us we need to create a Palestinian state by carving it out of Israel.

Israel is our most important ally. Israel acts as a buffer between us and Islamic terrorists and the nations who support them. If Israel is weakened, it makes it more difficult and costly to defend America.

I find it peculiar that the speaker is calling for the destruction of France and the conquest of Rome. In the case of America and Britain, it's hardly surprising. After all the media reminds us regularly that America and Britain, especially America, "has it coming." While the US media is good at this, the non US media is especially proficient at that. On the other hand, France and Rome have done nothing significant to thwart Arab ambitions. As such, there is no reason for such animosity toward these either France or Rome.

As I've stated before, the key to resolving the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is to remove all aid from the Palestinians or, at the very least, make the aid highly conditional much like the aid Israel receives from America. If this is done, this places the parties on more equal footing and may provide the Palestinians with some incentive to negotiate in good faith.

Given the fact that America continually undermines Israel and constantly seeks to coddle and shower gifts on the Palestinians and other enemies, it may not be surprising that the US finds itself hated in much of the world. After all, if I were an outside observer, I would likely conclude that it is more profitable to be an enemy of America than it is to be a friend!!