Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another Trayvon Riot In Process In Downtown Los Angeles


According to my sources, there are a number of what the City of Los Angeles genteelly refers to as 'non-permitted demonstrations now going on in the midst of the city downtown over the Zimmerman verdict, and city employees and other government workers have been warned about heavy police deployment, violence and traffic blockages in an e-mailed Level 1 alert.

The demonstrations have been timed for the rush hour commute and one of the major players is the communist/anarchist group ANSWER who are acting out right now in front of City Hall at the corner of Spring and First street. As you know, they're not exactly know known as peaceful players.

More as it comes in.


Anonymous said...

I drove through that intersection around 5pm local time and can confirm a ton of police activity and media vans everywhere.

Anonymous said...

yeah figured it was an outside group that doesn't give a Damn about Trevon. just a group that wants to start trouble with random idiots joining in.