Wednesday, May 03, 2006

10 jihadis visit Allah as the hunt for Zarqawi revs up

al Qaeda Grand poobah Abu Musab al-Zarqawi might end up paying bigtime for his little foray on jihad TV. The hunt Intensifies For Al-Zarqawi is intensifying.

U.S. troops raided a suspected al Qaeda hideout yesterday, killing 10 terrorists and according to what CBS News correspondent David Martin reported, US forces were within 1,000 yards of al-Zarqawi.

More than 200 members of al-Zarqawi's network have been killed or captured in the last few weeks.And the good guys, led by Lt. Gen. Stan McChrystal are bringing in , several hundred paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne to join in the hunt.

Martin reported that under the command of McChrystal, the hunt for al-Zarqawi has now eclipsed in size the hunt for Osama bin Laden, which has been hampered by a lack of good intelligence and Pakistan's refusal to allow U.S. troops to operate in their border area. The assault on al-Zarqawi's network is being conducted by a secret unit known as Task Force 145, which is divided into four teams — three American and one British — which conduct raids virtually every night.

A little bit different than the impression we get from the MSM, no?

We'll be seeing you soon Zarqawi, inshallah. Rest in pieces.

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