Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Al Qaeda strategist captured in Pakistan

Some good news on the jihad front, as it's been confirmed that a top Al Qaeda kingpin with a $5 million price on his hide was captured in Pakistan.

Mustafa Setmarian Nasar, who once wrote a 1,600-page autobiographical book on ways to attack Islam's enemies, has been flown out of the country after being interrogated by Pakistani and American intelligence.

Nobody knows where he was taken, but Club Gitmo may have a new guest.

Nasar had his fingers in terrorist jihad cells in Sudan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria and two European capitals.

Nasar, 47, a Syrian-Spanish national, was arrested last November in the Pakistani city of Quetta. Apparently it took a while to ID Nasar beyond any doubt.

Nasar was a former trainer at Osama bin Laden's camps in Afghanistan who helped teach extremists to use poisons and chemicals before the U.S. invasion after 9/11.

He also has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which he joined backin Syria in the `80's.

Nasar was also noted as a prolific writer of jihadi propaganda, including a 1,600 page book released in 2004 titled The International Islamic Resistance Call. He lists Islam's enemies as ``Jews, Americans, British, Russian and any and all of the NATO countries, as well as any country that takes the position of oppressing Islam and Muslims. "

Good riddance.


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