Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Today is Remembrance Day in Israel

Today is the day that Israelis honor the memory of those members of the IDF who have fallen in wars to keep this little country free. It happens every year the day before Israeli Independence Day. Z"l.


Free Israel said...

Angles (like) of Israel

http://clarityandresolve.com/archives/2006/05/am_yisrael_chai_1.php 'History will remember that Israelis never stopped working for peace even as their enemies never stopped working against it'.

That's clarity on Israel's resolve.

I hope, the world will remember the extra cheek Israel always managed to turn, it's enormous sacrifice of lives and vital (defense buffer zone) land give away [for any slight hope for peace] to an enemy that sacrifices as much... towards death.

I hope the world will remember how much heroic Israel was in escaping the traps by Arab terrorist parents to kill their kids.

I hope the world will remember how the international community was so unfair to Israel.

I hope the world will remember how Israelis had more feelings for it's enemies' children than their own parents had for them.

I hope that the world will remember how much effort Israel has put into the Arab refugees that the Arab leaders were responsible for.

I hope that the world will remember the immense sacrifice Israelis 'retunees' have made for the Arab newcomers...

I hope that the world will remember how Arabs, men like women lived so freely, so nicely in Israel's democracy (often with preferred treatment), incomparable with any Arab Muslim country with it's totalitarian & apartheid regimes.

I hope that the world will remember how Israeli victims of a suffocating Arab racist boycott for over 50 years have managed to arrive so high in world's rank of all walks of life.

I hope that the world will remember how peace loving beautiful Israel stands so super humanely tall with it's up high ultra morality in face of the lowest of the lowest animalistic predators .

Heart warming olive branch VS loathsome lynch, anyone?

Tireless peace groups VS Relentless pro-genocide cult, anyone?

Worried for rights of the heartless, anyone?

Compassionate for the cruel, anyone?

Activists saturated with streaming tears for enemies' plight VS , despicable grins, sick dancers rejoice in the streets towards bloodshed, towards victims' pain & suffering, anyone?


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Freedom Fighter said...

Sorry, Chaver.

The world neither remembers or cares.
Nations have to look out for their own self interests if they are to survive.
Israel has not been doing that, and had paid in blood.

Imagine how different Israel's future would have been if the Israelis had behaved towards the Arabs the way the Arabs behaved towards the Jews in 1948: if Israel had simply expelled the Arabs from East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria...which is whta every other nation in history has done with hostile populations in its territory.

Imagine if Israel had rebuilt the Beit Hamikdosh on the Temple Mount.

Imagine if Yitzhak Rabin had taken King Hussein up on his offer to `deak with the Palestinians' in exchange for a withdrawal to the base of the Judean Hills...and thus, there would never have been a PLO.

Imagine if Israel had simply said `no way' to Bill Clinton when he proposed bringing Arafat and his gang in from Tunis and enfranchising them.

You'll notice a common thread here, as well as a common Israeli political party involved in these follies.

Jabotinsky was totally correct.

B'Shalom, and lets pray for peace-or better yet victory - and better days to come for the children of Israel.