Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The week's Council Picks

Every week, the Watcher's Council nominate two posts each, one from the Council memebers and one from outside for consideration by the whole Council. The complete list of this week’s Council nominations is here

In which the Doctor explores the nature of repression and how what we repress provides insight and clarity. An awesome look at our inner nature, as always with Dr. Sanity..

2. The Glittering Eye: Reflecting the inner reality
Dave talks about the nature of elitism in politics, and wishes the Democratic party would abandon it. He illustartes it with an interesting comparision on the backgrounds of former presidents and candidates for the office, and includes Senators McCain and Clinton in his analysis..wish he'd included other presumptive candidates, but a good signpost and food for thought!

3.Done With Mirrors: Moral Courage 2-Czarrt! Callimachus contrasts the `moral courage' of Stephen Colbert, the comic who used his routine at the White House Press Corps event as a vehicle to diss Preident Bush and the moral courage of Dutch Liberal Party MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who had the courage to be critical of how Islam treats women and is under a death sentence Fatwa because of it.

A Dutch Appeals court even ordered her to vacate the high-security home she rents in The Hague her neighbours who complained her presence put their own safety at risk and that Hirsi Ali's presence meant they no longer felt safe in their own apartments! Well done, Calli..

4. The Education Wonks: California Senate Shocker: School Boycott Endorsed! - Thoughts And Ideas Freely Exchanged I'm starting to wonder if we still live in the USA here in California. Our ultra-Leftist Democratic state legislature seems ready to declare its allegiance to something else entirely.

5. The Strata-Sphere:Power Grab By Ultra-Liberal Delusionists AJ continues his discussion of leaking from another aspect. Like me, he is outraged by the idea of Dana Priest being honored for leaking classified informationwhen we're at war...but he also connected the dots to a simply wonderful Leftist group known as the CIP (Center of International Policy)run by Priest's husband..and which has CIA leaker Mary McCarthy as a member! Excellent read.

6. New World Man : You're-being-mean-to-me liberalismMatt reveals the truth behind a phoney Thomas Jefferson quote used ad nasuem to justify `protest'..and talks about the nature of dissent.

7. Gates of Vienna: The Last Boat Out of Liverpool I have to hand it to Dymphna. Not many of us have the courage to examine our parents this way in public, and the influence on our own makeup and attitudes.

8. ShrinkWrapped: Drugs, Sex, and Rock & Roll ... and Suicidality ... continued In the second part of a two part piece, Shrink talks about the legacy of the boomers..and attempts to analyze the malignant narcissism that permeates much of that generation....and uses Gram Parsons as an example. So many roads...

9. Rhymes With Right: 'Unconstitutional religious test'--what it is and what it ain't Bob Novak is taken to task for describing the 'Unconstitutional religious test' applied to LDS member Mitt Romney.

10. Right Wing Nut House : UNITED 93: A REVIEW- Rick reviews `United 93' and gives his take on the opinions expressed on the film. well done!

11. J O S H U A P U N D I T: The Qu'ran vs. Mein Kampf

Writer Orianna Fallaci received an amazing amount of heat for comparing the Qu'ran to Hitler's `Mein Kampf' (BTW, a bestseller in the Muslim world). I decided to do the same and came up with some unavoidable similarities, especially given the way Islam is practiced in much of the Muslim world. To my mind, it's intellectually dishonest to simply ignore that..and dangerous.

If Islam is going to be `reformed' and learn to play nicely with the rest of us, it is going to have to take an honest look at the jihadi mentality and at sharia, and make some changes. I link to several Islamic sites based here in the West like Irshad Manji's that say exactly that. And it is going to be Muslims themselves who alone can do it, most probably here in the West where they have the freedom to do so.

12. The Sundries Shack: Aw... who needs that amendment anyhow? Jimmie Bise smacks John McCain upside da head for McCain-Feigold and other follies in campaign finance reform.

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