Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Abbas & Olmert to meet for peace talks...no, I'm serious!

We need a little levity from time to time.

According to none other than perennial appeasement jockey Shimon Peres, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will meet Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to discuss peace proposals after Olmert gets back from Washington.

"If we can work with (Mr Abbas), let's work with him," Mr Peres said in an interview with The Jerusalem Post. "Why not? He is an honourable man. He means peace."

Sure he does, Shimon. Abbas has meant peace since he took over the Palestinian Authority, right?

Of course, Peres doesn't explain the logic of having `peace ' talks with someone in charge of a government who doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist, let alone someone who has never found a terrorist worthy of imprisoning, let alone disarming!

And that was before Hamas took over.

Now, Abbas is irrelevant. I mean, if he couldn't enforce his peace agreement with the Israelis before, does anyone seriously think Abbas can do it now? Especially Olmert, who's supposed to be a `pragmatist'.

Maybe Peres is worried about his PalTel stocks going down. Now that Hamas is in charge, that cozy little monopoly on Palestinian telephone service Peres controls with his Palestinian Fatah partners might be in danger of a little competition...or maybe being ousted altogether.

No, they don't hardly make `em like Peres any more. As the old Israeli political joke goes, no matter who you vote for you end up with Shimon Peres somewhere in the woodwork of government.

Un-freaking believable.

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