Saturday, May 13, 2006

Senator McCain on Israel...definitely NOT good.

My pal Jason Maoz, editor of the Jewish Press (linked on JoshuaPundit) has a killer article in FrontPage on could-be GOP Presidential candidate John McCain(d-AZ)and his highly disturbing remarks in an interview with Israeli New York Times clone Ha'aretz.

According to the article, McCain talked to Ha'aretz in an off the cuff fashion about how he would `micromanage' US policy towards Israel and the Palestinians and would dispatch "the smartest guy I know" to the region.

And who is the `smartest guy'?

According to McCain, "Brent Scowcroft, or James Baker, though I know that you in Israel don’t like Baker."

Gee, Senator, you figured that out?

Further McCain talked about "concessions and sacrifices by both sides" and said that Israel would be expected to "Defend itself and keep evacuating." (!). Asked whether that meant "movement toward the June 4, 1967 armistice lines, with minor modifications," McCain, reported Haaretz, "nodded in the affirmative."

In other words, McCain buys the State Department and Democratic Left view that the US needs to be an `honest broker' forcing unilateral Israeli concessions in exchange for empty promises on the part of the Palestinians.

This is evident not only in his choices of Baker or Scowcroft as MidEast envoy.Baker's views on Israel (`f**k the Jews, they don't vote for us anyway') are well known, but Brent Scowcroft's view are equally anti-Israel, as anyone who's read what he's written on the subject knows...not to mention the fact that Scowcroft has been a registered lobbyist for both the Turkish and Saudi governments, a little fact that's that usually ommitted when Scrowcroft weighs in at places like the New York Times.

I have a great deal of respect for Senator McCain's personal courage and his service to America. Unlike another `war hero' than ran for president in 2004, McCain is the real deal. But if this is an example of his views on Israel and the Middle East, the Senator is either sadly mistaken or has some other motive in mind.

Has the good Senator been the receipant of some Saudi or UAE largesse? He wouldn't be the first.

This went pretty much unnoticed in the Main Stream media, where McCain is a favorite.

If he runs for president in 2008, expect this to come up again.


Anonymous said...


you'd prefer Hillary? or any of the Left?

What's the Jewish expression for: More Catholic than the Pope?

The same syndrome must afflict the Chosen Ones.

You've been pretty hard on the Right lately. Fine. But I don't hear you much saying anything about the dreadful alternative.

Your friend,


Freedom Fighter said...

Mornin' Shabbs!
No, I haven't been `hard on the right lately'..just on the abandonment of basic principles on a wholesale level by President Bush and elements of the Republican party.

This slide started with the ridiculous Dubai Ports deal, his cozying up to Sunni autocrats (which has mostly been a miserable failure), his lack of decisiveness on Iran and the war in general, the insane spending and continued through his border fiasco.

If I don't mention much about the Left except to point out the egregious hypocrisy and/or treason,it's because I expect very little from them anyway.

The President Bush I worked to get elected was not the sort of politician who dissembled easily or failed to make the difficult choices. I wrote an article a while ago `What Bush Needs to Do To Come Back'. He's done almost exactly the opposite. He's simply too close to the UAE and the Saudis and certain corporate interests to pull out of the spiral, I'm afraid.

When I think of the opportunity to turn the country around that has been squandered, I could weep in frustration.

As for McCain, it's obvious that he is leaning exactly the same way and is part of the problem. If the GOP so abandons its principles to nominate him for President, lots of Americans will sit on their hands and you may very well get a President Hillary.

I'm optomistic at this point that neither occurance will happen,that the Conservative base of the GOP will make itself heard, and that the Republican party will remember who put them in power.

G-d, I miss Reagan right now.

Thanks for weighing in..take care, OK?