Monday, May 15, 2006

Hey, you dissin' my god!

Now here's something we can all use!

Vox Poplar who has a laugh out loud site (and funny graphics, as evidenced above) has come up with a simple test on whether a religion deserves respect. Don't read this with a mouthful of anything:

"There's a lot of talk these days about people disrespecting this religion and that religion, either by doodling cartoons, or beheading people. Now a lot of folks say that we shouldn't disrespect any religion and for a while I believed that.

But now I think that a religion has to earn my respect, because these days just about anyone can slap on a robe and hang up a shingle declaring themself the one true source of all that is good and truthful in the world.

So in the interest of fairness I have created this simple, non-denominational, test to determine if your religion is worthy of respect. All you have to do is answer the questions YES or NO.

1. Do the sermons and teachings of your current religious leaders use the words: "Death to ____" when describing people of other faiths?

2. When people accuse your fellow followers of barbarism, do they cite current events instead of history?

3. Do people pay attention to the teachings of your current religious leaders, not out of respect, or intellectual or spiritual curiousity, but out of fear of what they will do next?

4. Are you compelled by your spiritual leaders to kill your fellow followers who convert to other religions?

5. Do you blame all of your problems on The Joooooos?

6. Is decapitation considered a valid form of religious expression?

7. Is laughter considered sinful in your faith?

8. Do you read a blog like this and consider it blasphemy?

9. Is your most prominent religious leader a fugitive from justice on legitimate criminal charges?

Read the rest here

hattip to the one and only Dr. Sanity


Dan Zaremba said...

An excellent test.
Should be adopted by all immigration depts.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hah! Good one, Links!

Rosey said...

What he said!